Thursday, November 15, 2012

concrete jungle

Thought I'd share beginning boutique's latest lookbook with you; Concrete Jungle. The shoot was based in NYC and the looks blend in perfectly with the city. It's edgy, on trend, young and with a vibe that you just can't quite put your finger on.. all in all, it makes me incredibly nostalgic and I miss NYC more than ever! I am desperate to get my hands on that Stylestalker 'don't worry be sexy' tank.. have you guys seen the photo of Alessandra in it? Killing it! The lovely ladies at BB are also offering a 10% discount at the moment; just enter BLOGGER in the coupon code section at the checkout.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

fierce obsession

 zimmermann leopard cap - zimmermaan oasis triangle bikini
nookie leopard maxi - stylestalker leopard shorts - zara leopard pants

Well i'm officially on holidays and boy, does it feel good! I've missed you guys! Feels so great to be blogging without the guilty sensation of an assignment hanging over my head, knowing that "i reaaallly should be doing that now", god I love holiday freedom! Apparently my excitement for holidays has been rather fierce, because I've developed this intense obsession for leopard print (see what I did there?) I know that leopard can be a little.. trashy.. but i'm not talking about cougar-ish velvet leopard print cardi's.. rather, zimmermann leopard bikini's with little gold toggles on the ends, a drapey leopard maxi from nookie, and floaty culottes to throw on with converse or sandals in classic summer fashion. If you need proof of just how hot leopard can look, go check out the photo of nikki phillips in the nookie maxi on her instagram. H-O-T. I've managed to get two out of four items on my list.. i haven't stopped wearing the cap since I got it, and the pants are due in the mail any day. 
Now i'm just deciding what should be next! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

assignment overload

Honestly, I am the biggest blog neglector sometimes, it's ridiculous! In the past week I have had five assignments due (again, ridiculous) and i'm currently on the fifth! It's due on thursday and it's a big fat 50% essay. Is that horrible or what? Anyway, it means that from thursday I will officially be on uni holidays and will be able to devote all my time to you guys. But for now, as I write my essay on the compatibility of religion and feminism, I leave you with this smokin' hot picture of Miranda. Gimme that handbag and those legs, stat.