Saturday, March 31, 2012

black feet.

I'm a handbag kinda girl. When I walk into a store, I always gravitate towards the handbags - shoulder bags, clutches, wallets, overnighter's... whatever it is, I'll take one of everything. But lately (and maybe it's since I found hamilton, my michael kors bag which is perfection) I've been thinking about just how much of an impact shoes can make on an outfit. I've been scouring Tony Bianco & Wanted Shoes, two of my absolute favourite shoe suppliers, and have found myself coming back to these four favourites.
1. 'Pia' Tony Bianco Knee High Boot - I had the most perfect imitation suede knee high boots last season and wore them to death - they are honestly ruined because I loved them so much. So when I saw these babies in Wanted the other day, I fell in love. They aren't leather and they aren't suede.. they're smack bang in the middle. As the girl I spoke with from Tony Bianco put it, it's like suede without the 'furriness', and personally I love it. Normally I wouldn't go for a shoe with such a hefty price tag, but considering how much I wore my old boots last season, I see these as a solid investment.
2. 'Cad' Boston Babe Metallic Ballet Flat - Aren't these beautiful? Black leather with a metallic gold touch.. I can see these adding instant glam to a drab uni outfit.
3. 'Devons' Tony Bianco Ankle Boot - My alternative to the ACNE pistons.. they just seem to sit right on my legs. Just the right amount of heel, and I like the strap detail around the ankle.
4. 'Karissa' Tony Bianco Heel - If you haven't seen these on the blogosphere you must be living under a rock - they're a favourite of Jess from Tuula, Sara from Harper & Harley and Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage. I can understand why, with the simple straps and classic shape. Heads up for us poor Sydney-siders who don't have any TB concept stores - these will be making their way into Wanted Shoes in April, so for anyone like me who is between sizes, you'll be able to try them on! Woo!

Monday, March 26, 2012

happy birthday

happy 21st birthday to my beautiful best friend, annabel. she knows how to throw one hell of a party...

Saturday, March 24, 2012


harper and harley

i legitimately almost died when i saw this (okay not entirely true, but you get me..) 
how amazing is sara from harper and harley? when it comes to blogging, there's so much inspiration out there, but i credit hannah from capture the castle, sara from harper and harley and jess from tuula as the reasons i started my own blog. to be able to create something even remotely similar to the incredible posts those three girls produce would be amazing!
but back to these photos.. sara wanted to show how important accessories can be in changing the feel and look of an outfit. so she wore an amazing zara outfit, and styled them up with benah accessories. personally, i think you can never go wrong with ANYTHING from benah so this was always going to be an amazing project. i need a set of those limits cuffs in my life, stat.

Monday, March 19, 2012


proscuitto pizza from arthur's pizza - mum's homemade chocolate mousse - missing hanauma bay, hawaii - first 2 home grown strawberries - my baby girl and her morning milk - seven, yes SEVEN, baby apples on our tree - sunday afternoon moscato with strawberries & cream

my past week in instagram pictures. having some serious success in the gardening department, i've got fresh fruit coming at me left, right and centre! if you haven't been to arthur's pizza in randwick you HAVE to go. it's delicious and tastes the way pizza should.
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Sunday, March 18, 2012


some of my favourites from the amazing girls over at they all hate us, they legit have the best collection of photos and you're guaranteed at least one post a day. i know one half of the duo, elle, and she is honestly the loveliest person.. and has a collection of one teaspoon & ksubi shorts which makes me GREEN with envy. i'm slowly building my collection because i'm the exact same type of person as her - there is no better outfit than a basic t & denim shorts - so i'm currently up to 6 pairs of one teaspoons and 2 ksubi's. woo!
the last photo is me, wearing my all time favourites - country road tee, one teaspoon shorts and the absolutely gorgeous tony bianco boots. hope everyone's having a breezy sunday x

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hawaii; my new baby

i would like to introduce you to my newest baby, hamilton! his daddy was michael kors, and my maternal side has definitely kicked in and is nurturing him like you would not believe, my friend. seriously though, this bag is the bees knees. i bought it at the michael kors outlet in hawaii and when i saw it i knew i had to have it. my boyfriend nearly died when he saw the price (HOW CAN YOU SPEND THAT MUCH ON A BAG?! boys just don't get it, huh) but it was actually a bargain for such a gorgeous bag and i got a discount too. i'm definitely a black and gold kinda girl, i love myself a big bag and i love lots of compartments. hamilton ticks all the boxes - beautiful black leather with chunky gold accents, the optional longer shoulder strap which makes it perfect for uni, a zip compartment in the middle and lots of pockets on the inside. alongside hamilton is his little baby sister, the jet set continental wallet. i'm not sure about you, but more often that not i get the urge to just leave my bag at home and take my wallet and phone with me. it's my reckless side (what can i say, i'm such a rebel) and therefore, i think it's of vital importance to have a wallet that is just as beautiful as a bag.

so it makes perfect sense that i got the matching wallet, right? i thought so too.

note: never, ever did i think i would be the girl that referred to her bag like it was a person. but when you spend a lot of money on a bag, and it's pretty and it has a style name which can be passed off as a real name, some weird voodoo shiz happens and you end up this new person. apologies.

Friday, March 2, 2012

hawaii; make up haul!

i would like to introduce you to part one of my hawaii collection: my make up haul. sephora and i became bff's and it was mighty rewarding. if you don't know what sephora is (and shame on you if you don't, because it is phenomenal) it's basically a make-up department store. they have every make up brand under the sun, a huge collection of fragrances and some hair styling products too. they also have this great beauty bar, where you can try out some of the make up with beauty and make up professionals guiding you every step of the way - and they give some seriously great advice. a lot of the make-up i got has been products which i have been DYING to try, but hesitant about paying the australian prices which in some cases are inflated to double the price of what they are in the US, which is really unfortunate but true. before you read the list below, you should first know that i am a bit of a youtube junkie when it comes to make up channels that are all about tutorials and reviews of products. my favourite is missglamorazzi, she has some seriously awesome tutorials. therefore, a lot of the products i bought were ones recommended by some of these great youtube channels recommendations and they have not disappointed! anyway, thought i'd give you a summary of what i bought, and my thoughts so far!

1. NARS bronzer in Laguna: this bronzer has been hyped up all over the youtube-sphere, and only after using it do you really understand why. you know that look that models have in photos at runway shows, where their skin has that glossy brilliance? that glow that looks like it comes from within because you're all healthy and happy and have just been on a tropical holiday where the sun has highlighted the perfect bits of your face? this bronzer does this. it's the perfect shade of brown, the coverage is excellent (i just use a regular kabuki brush and it's perfect) and it has this very, very slight sheen to it which gives you that heavenly glow. highly recommended.
2. Sephora waterproof eyeliner in silver: another method highly recommended in magazines and on the youtube channels is to line the bottom water line of your eye with a white eyeliner. it makes you look less tired and really opens your eye, making them look big and bright, so i've been dying to try this out. it actually worked really nicely, and i love that this is more of a silvery white than a stark white as i think it makes it look a little more real.
3. MAC studiofix powder plus foundation: i got this powder because i've been wanting a lightweight powder to 'set' my face and body foundation when  need my make up to last me the day. I absolutely love the face and body foundation, but i have found that it will only give me a beautiful finish for a couple of hours (say for a night out). the lady at mac recommended this for me and i definitely love it. you don't need too much, it's very fine and it's making my make up last the distance already.
4. MAC eyeliner in duck: every girl needs a chocolate brown eyeliner, for those days when black is just too harsh, and this is it. soft crayon type liner, easy application & smudges fantastically. tick, tick, tick!
5. MAC eyeshadow in honey lust: this is my new all time fav eyeshadow. it's gold, the perfect shade of pinky-brown gold, with gorgeous flecks of shimmer and perfect for day or night.
6. Too Faced Shadow Insurance: some people may say that this isn't necessary, and for you it might not be, but i am the type of person who unfortunately suffers from my eyeshadow falling into creases and lines in my eyelid. by the end of the day or night, my eyeshadow looks rough and cheap, which is why when missglamorazzi recommended this one i thought i'd give it a shot. and it actually works. it kept my eyeshadow looking fresh, and my eyeliner didn't just disappear into nothingness. give it a try.. see what you think.
7. Benefit They're Real! mascara: THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL OF MASCARAS. i am blessed with naturally long eyelashes, and therefore i look for a mascara which is going to enhance what i have. and boy does this do it. i had been yet to find a mascara which didn't leave my lashes looking clumpy, thinned out or absolutely ridiculous, and yet this one makes me look like i have the perfect lashes. it separates, volumises, lengthens and coats wonderfully. BUY THIS. PLEASE. YOU NEED TOO!

someone please remind me i need to get my eyebrows done.. BUT HOW GOOD ARE MY EYELASHES?!

8. Benefit High Beam: this is another product which has gotten rave reviews on the youtube-sphere; it's a fantastic highlighter with such a weird applicator (it looks like nail polish) but it's seriously a wonderful product. i dab it in a C shape from the outer corner of my eyebrows and done my cheekbones, and it captures the light wonderfully and makes you look like you have sky high cheekbones. and who doesn't want sky high cheekbones? that's what i thought.
9. Morrocan Oil Light: i have ridiculously long hair. ridiculously long. it's down to my butt. and the reason i can have hair down to my butt and not look like a homeless lady is because morrocan oil keeps it so healthy that my tresses simply thank me by looking glossy and neat and fabulous. the light formula is great for people like me, who have fine hair but LOTS of it, and it also helps to dry your hair quicker if you're like me and hate blow drying. 

so there's my summary. it's kinda big.. i apologise and hope i didn't bore you half to death. leave a comment if you have any questions, i promise i'll get back to you! next up.. perfume purchases.