Monday, October 31, 2011

the perfect jewels

fiel sol jewellery - lookbook

I came across this beautiful little brand by complete coincidence. I was scrolling through a new blog I adore - friends in fashion - and she did a feature on fiel sol jewellery. 

"Each collection is designed with an emphasis on colour, texture, metals and the natural beauty of semi-precious stones. Fiel Sol blends the themes of antiquity with a modern edge - necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings capture the beauty of ancient treasures with bold, vibrant colours."

I honestly fell head over heels in love for the fiel sol jewellery collection. It's gorgeous statement pieces - the most fantastic cuffs and beautiful necklaces made from gorgeous stones and metals. It's the jewellery everyone wants for summer, and it's the type of pieces I see on a girl and wish I had the courage to ask where she got them. I'm saving up for the crown of atlantis necklace (first picture). I've decided it's the perfect statement necklace for my birthday outfit. Don't you think it would look stunning with my white toga dress? I definitely wouldn't mind investing in the aesa cuff either, the perfect combination. Make sure you check them out - fiel sol jewellery!

clean & crisp

fs style

my favourite colour for summer is white. it's one of the reasons i chose to have a toga party for my birthday, everyone looks fabulous in white in the middle of summer. white looks great against a tan, it's fresh, crisp & clean, and you feel so cool - literally - in the heat waves that descend upon sydney. up until now however, i've never worn white with white. i've always liked it with denim, or with a bright pop of colour, but never with another neutral, like whites & creams, or mixing textures in the same shades. i bought an amazing pair of white denim shorts which i've been loving when paired together with a white t-shirt, leopard print skinny belt and brown t-bar sandals. it just makes me feel so fresh, and it's understated in a classic way. can't wait to pull all of my white dresses, white skirts & white tops out of the wardrobe this summer to pair them together in completely new ways. isn't it one of the things you love most about fashion? i love nothing more than reinventing what i already have!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

make a statement

i've been trying to make a decision about the accessories for my birthday outfit. at first, i was thinking of going without a necklace because i wanted to keep it simple, but i decided i needed to make a statement. i'll be the birthday girl and i'm wearing a white toga like everyone else, so my accessories are going to make me stand out in the crowd! i've narrowed it down to oranges or blues. the orange necklaces are from lovisa, with the orange stoned cuff from sportsgirl. the blue necklace & silver cuff is also lovisa, and the rose gold cuff is sportsgirl.
i can't decide though! both colours will be great in summer with a tan, and both will look fab against the white dress, but i just can't decide which i like better.
what do you think - orange or turquoise?

loving me some tangerine

fs style

i've had a sudden fascination with anything orange-ish - tangerine, burnt orange, peach - it's all capturing my attention. which is interesting, purely because i would have never considered wearing it, and suddenly it's the colour capturing my eye. in particular, i adore jess hart in that tangerine dress. i can imagine myself wearing a tangerine dress, a statement necklace with turquoise stones, a beautiful gold cuff and some intense wedges. sounds like a fabulous summer outfit to me.

leopard loafers

fs style / got pr

my beautiful old friend tiarne from got? pr has me completely hooked on the idea of leopard loafers. i need some. i found these pictures and it's convinced me of their versatility - 3 completely different looks which wouldn't be the same without leopard loafers as the finishing touch. they're the perfect print addition to an outfit, dressy or casual, and it's the deciding factor on my decision to invest. anyone seen some beautiful, cost effective ones? lemme know!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

skin food

this is essentially part two of my favourites post below, but i wanted to dedicate it to weleda. they are such an amazing brand which has basically been a life saver to my skin. i've used lots of their products, but these two are my all time favourites and they deserve a post of their own. weleda use beautiful, natural products, which smell fantastic and feel so luxe. they pretty much have something for everyone, which includes me with my horrifically sensitive, ezcema suffering skin. i can't use anything which has chemicals/additives, and nothing with lavender (which is in a crap load of products these days). but weleda has always saved the day for me, so i wanted to share them with you!
wild rose body lotion - this lotion is incredible. i use it all over my body (but my legs in particular as they are dry as hell and occasionally look like i'm made from scales) and it's insanely lightweight. it feels like it's disappeared as soon as i lather it on my legs, but it makes my skin soft and supple and has this completely natural rose fragrance which smells divine. it's never irritated my eczema and i can't go a day without it, especially in summer.
skin food - now this product has pretty much changed me forever. it's completely different to the wild rose body lotion, but in all the right ways. it's a beautifully rich cream which is made for particularly dry, rough skin. it's made my elbows, knees & feet super super soft, and it's great to use on my face each night before i go to bed in summer. after long days in the sun, i wake up with my skin feeling refreshed and soft, despite having a little too much sun every now and then. it's great to use on particularly dry spots, and i find it works best when you lather it on after a shower, preferably before bed, as it soaks in overnight and feels wonderful in the morning.
i highly recommend you check out the weleda products. they're so beautiful & worth every cent to make you and your skin feel fabulous.


thought i'd do a post on my favourite beauty products as of late. i've had the longest hair since i was little (admittedly, it was a lot longer when i was little. i used to love the fact i could say my hair went down to my bum, because it actually did). therefore, i've always enjoyed taking really good care of my hair because there was just so much of it. on the other hand, make up and i have never had much of a relationship. i've been blessed with clear skin through my teenage years and only very occasionally suffer from one or two pimples, but i am very prone to eczema on my face and so have to be careful that my make up doesn't irritate my skin, or else all hell breaks loose. trust me, you don't wanna know.

1. seven wonders natural hair care 'morrocan treatment conditioner' - this conditioner is gods gift to the world. it smells beautiful, makes my hair lusciously soft, my split ends have decreased since i started using it and i think it's because it gives my hair a bit of protection when i use my straightener. i get psoriasis on my scalp and it doesn't irritate my scalp at all. and as i said, smells phenomenal.
2. morrocan oil treatment, bumble & bumble 'surf spray', schwarzkopf 'blonde me' shine spray - okay so these are my three hair babies. i think there's been enough said about morrocan oil but i am a huge fan and it gives my hair a beautiful feel. bumble & bumble is a spray i picked up in america because it was a quarter of the price and gives you beach goddess hair. it works wonders if you blast it with a hair dryer and scrunch your hair lots to give it a pretty little wave. lastly, i am most certainly not blonde, but this spray is amazing. it's a shine spray which smells like summer and gets rid of my fly aways in an instant. it was recommended by my hair dresser and i haven't looked back since!
3. mac face & body foundation, maybelline 'define a line' eyeliner, sportsgirl 'oh my goddess' bronzer, mac waterproof mascara, mac eyeshadows - when it comes to make up, mac have pretty much been my saviour. their face & body foundation is so perfect for me, as someone who needs minimal coverage and likes a natural look. i love that it just enhances my skin, it doesn't change it. it's also a pretty amazing product, you put it on (i just use my fingers) and it looks like it's disappeared. but give it about 30 seconds, and you look back and your skin is flawless. it just takes a little while to set, but once it sets it's incredible. i also love their waterproof mascara (it's so thick & dark) and their metallic eyeshadows in golds & browns are my favourites. i use maybelline eyeliner because it's just the right consistency between pencil and liquid and oh so easy to apply. lastly (and i know this one might throw you a little bit) is my bronzer. it's sportsgirl which might make you think what the hell?, but it's seriously the best bronzer i have ever found! the perfect colour for my skin tone, it adds just enough colour to make me look like i'm lightly sunkissed. love it. i bought 4 of them.. yep, love it that much!

Monday, October 24, 2011

zimmermann love

harper & harley

every now and then i like to do a shout out to a brand which has impressed me - it might be with their latest collection, with their customer service, with their incredible photo shoots - and this brand has just about everything covered. i'm having a serious love affair with zimmermann right now. everything they are doing is amazing and not only did they supply me with my birthday dress, their new collections are out of this world. i can definitely see myself buying that gorgeous white playsuit, which looks gorgeous against the bright pink bouganvilla, and the blue delicate bottoms on that bikini are just the perfect amount of whimsical goodness. i'd also love to give them some massive kudos for the amazing customer service they gave me whilst in store at bondi junction (i was probably some depressed freak at the time when they told me they didn't have my dress - and yet i left the store feeling like i had some decent, acceptable options) and the prompt, attentive service from the online store who sent me emails responding to my desperate pleas, making all my wildest dreams come true.
go zimmermann!

ps. check out the amazing behind the scenes video they posted on their facebook page. it's the epitome of summer, guarantee you'll fall in love.

monday musings

i spent last week enjoying the beautiful heat wave sydney was experiencing, out in the sun as much as possible and it was a really great week. 
1. 2. & 3. the first three photos are taken at darook park in the southern suburbs, it's hidden away and a place only people from the shire would know. on a sunny day it can feel like paradise, with the tide getting so low that you can cross from one side of the bay to the other. my boyfriend says the photos remind him of our anniversary trip to vanuatu, with the crystal clear waters and fine sand, and nothing tops off a trip to darook like a yum chicken vietnamese roll.
4. i think you all know what this is! my birthday dress arrived on friday morning (thank you zimmermann express postage) and it's so beautiful. enough to bring tears to my eyes because i love it so much. it fits like a glove and the packaging it arrived in was gorgeous, a big white box with a bow and gorgeous white tissue! it definitely felt like an early birthday present for myself.
5. & 6. my grandad went into hospital for an operation on friday and of course we were all incredibly concerned, but all went well and he's speeding through the recovery phase even better than we expected. today was his birthday so our crazy gang went to visit him, and despite the pain he must've been in, the smile on his face says it all. he's such a big kid at heart (he adores ice cream) so we bought him the most incredible tiramisu ice cream cake from gelato messina - if you haven't been there, go ASAP. it's phenomenal.
7. my newest tech baby! i got my iphone 4s and i loooooooooove it. the camera is amazeballs and it's so speedy. i definitely needed the upgrade from my slow & dying iphone 3, so having this new one is making life much easier. and i have a love affair with siri.

hope everyone's been having a fabulous week and enjoying the summer sun! xx

Friday, October 21, 2011

heat wave

we heart it

yum yum yum - sydney is experiencing some amazing summer weather and i'm over the moon! i've been living in my first pair of white one teaspoon shorts (i have about 5 in different shades of blue), my new seafolly bikini, some very cute tan sportsgirl flats and of course my beloved button up shirts. bring on summer. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


the sartorialist - i think.

i'm a huge fan of draping. anything draped and flowy that just sits so lovely over the body and accentuates curves whilst shimmering over them in delicious waves of fabric. it's why i love maxi dresses, maxi skirts & oversized sheer shirts, which all coincide with summer! bring it on.

ALSO, BIRTHDAY DRESS UPDATE: so i was literally about to buy the white zimmermann dress in a size 1 to then see if i could get it altered, when i got a reply from the lovely people at zimmermann to tell me that they will be getting more stock of the size 0 shortly! i am so overwhelmingly pleased. so i will not have any sort of debacle anymore, but thank you to the bloggers who offered me words of advice about my dilemma! which now means i need to think about accessories, so i would love your words of wisdom on how you think i should accessorise the birthday dress... jewellery, head pieces, heels?

Friday, October 14, 2011


so i posted about this dress a little while ago being my ideal amazing 21st birthday dress. and so today i headed into zimmermann to collect it, and almost burst out crying when they said it is sold out everywhere. like there is literally nothing left in a size 0 in the white. my oh my, i am so upset. so therefore i'm putting the call out to my bloggers, because i know you're all amazing and have some crazy contacts... if you know of any possible way that i could get my hands on this dress, please let me know. i'm so desperate! help! i've scoured ebay and online but i can't find anything. gaaaah!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

style stalking

style stalking my way through some celebrity pictures, getting some colour inspiration for my wardrobe! i can't even explain how much i love that beautiful outfit that olivia is wearing. it's exactly the kind of outfit i'd wear in summer, going out to a lovely lunch. if anyone knows where that skirt is from, please let me know. getting some boho printed scarf and cherry red bag crushes from the gorgeous victoria's secret girls, and the yellow goddess maxi that nicole is rocking in the last picture does crazy things to me. espesh with the gladiator sandals. so hot!