Thursday, March 31, 2011

oh bambi baby.

bambi has been doing guest blogging for the tony bianco blog. she is so gorgeous in such a unique way, and she seems so down to earth!
been following her posts for awhile and she's hilarious, cute and so natural. love.
here's some of the pictures she's been posting up.

boogie shoes.

okay so just the other day, i posted about finding some sexy new leopard print boots. being the sagittarius i am, i've decided to change my mind for a more organised and investment-wise option.
(ha - my boyfriend will love that i just used the term investment-wise in regards to purchasing shoes)

i still wanted some leopard print shoes, but i decided to go for some stilettos instead of boots. these babies, to be precise.

and in regards to some new wedgeboots - welcome these to the world.
14cm of black suede wedge with a little bit of lace up and bucket loads of amazingness.

powerful thought.

this image is one of the only things keeping me going right now.

uni has been such a killer lately! why do they have to make last semester so god damn difficult. we have to create an entire pr campaign in 12 weeks - including short film, print campaigns, website design & professional final presentation. we decided to do body image, which has been an eye opening and shocking experience so far.. the statistics are crazy. i've also come to realise that group work sucks when you're in a group with people who aren't your biggest fan.

so while i've been dealing with some crap lately, the thought that i'm potentially going here is so exciting!
the reasoning behind it may not be one hundred percent sunshine and rainbows, but i'll have time to search this beautiful city during my down time.

new york. i'm so excited to meet you - we're gonna get along just fine.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the wanderer.

my absolute must haves from the one teaspoon wanderer collection. it's such a gorgeous range - some delicate, some toughened up, some gorgeous cuts and some incredible knits. it's everything you need this winter, and so versatile you can take it straight into the following summer.

winter dinky dress.
long sleeve version of their famous cut, so pretty & flowy.

havenstock high waist short.
love the burnt colours, perfect neutral piece.

little village maxi.
the back of this dress says it all.

dreamer skirt.
$100. (i have this & it's stunning)
literally. goes. with. everything.

trinity tee.
perfect basic.. and it has thumbholes.

wild thorn knit jumper.
one of the softest knits i have ever felt.

classic chunky knit.
the basic knit you definitely need.. and it has thumbholes.
i love one teaspoon & their thumbholes!

they've just dropped the second half of the collection online.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

animal addiction.

i've been pining over a pair of leopard print ankle boots (with one hell of a wedge heel) for awhile now, but i've never found the right pair. they've been too short, or the leopard print has been too off colour, or they weren't cut high enough, or they cost too much.

then, i came across that gorgeous picture of christine centenera, in her black dress and gorgeous leopard print wedges (see post below), and it just boosted my need to an intense level on the search for the perfect pair.

enter solestruck, and jeffrey campbell. i've found a pair and they are lustworthy & more.

Monday, March 28, 2011

flower bombs.

i was feeling creative today, and there's nothing i like more than a bit of interior designing.
there is something so special about creating a space which is to your taste, your liking, and makes you feel comfortable & happy.
i used to make these with my mum when i was little, and they filled my room, hanging from the ceilings like flowery puffs falling from the sky.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

style bazaar.

christine centenera - editor of harpers bazaar australia, and serious style icon. stunning.

ps. definitely planning on stealing her hair at my next hairdressing appointment.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


officially starting to feel the autumn change in the air..
the nights are getting cooler and the occasional rain shower is making it's presence known.

can't wait to wear this outfit.
all clothing & boots - topshop.

Friday, March 25, 2011

top of the shops.

love of my life.
enemy of my bank account.

Monday, March 21, 2011

max(i) success.

confession two: i've been struggling with the whole maxi skirt trend which has popped up as a trend for winter.
i really like it, but i've been yet to find one which i could envision myself wearing and looking half decent at the same time.
but, yesterday i definitely found one which can achieve both goals.
it's my second fashion find which i'm over the moon about (refer to the post below to find the first one.) loving the tribal print; it makes it a bit different so it's not too boring and blah, and yet it's still subtle and different, and the perfect winter skirt.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

imitation heaven.

confession: i have been wanting a pair of acne pistol short boots for.. well.. forever. they're the definition of versatile and after seeing them on kate bosworth - she wears them everywhere - i've just wanted them even more. however, they are definitely not in my price range. $550 for a pair of ankle boots (as gorgeous as they may be) is just nowhere near reasonable for me and my current financial state.
therefore, i have been on that irritating, difficult and 'kill me now' hunt for a similar pair.

and i've finally found them! topshop, the love of my life, has provided me with a pair which i deem similar enough in the sexy ankle boots department and i will be getting them in my hot little hands within 5 - 8 working days, for the sweeeeet price of $111.
smiles all round!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


so i feel so cliched and stupid and i realise i'm acting like i'm important here,
but i apologise for not posting for so long.
i've made some exciting developments!

1. i went a bit crazy on the '10% off everything' sportsgirl online sale last night. so i will have some pretty new outfits to show you! i bought a sexy new bag, a unique little accessory (will keep it a secret), and a comfy looking oversized knit.

2. i've made the decision to buy my first DSLR! it's going to take a bit of saving, and i'm currently trying to research and comprehend the language of this new tech world which i have no understanding of whatsoever. (if anyone has any advice, i'm deciding between a Nikon D3100, and a Canon EOS 1000D). but it's really exciting. i've been really getting into the blogosphere - yeah i hate that term too, makes me sound like such a wanker - but i've been learning what attracts me and what doesn't to a blog, and i want to start putting a focus on the outfits i style, and the beautiful clothing i encounter.

so there's a bit of an update from me.
also, check out this blog called aftrDRK.
she's insane in all the right ways - lovingggg her right now.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

glossy goodness.

beyond sexy.

Monday, March 7, 2011

milked up.

i love the feeling i get when i stumble across a fashion label that i've never even heard of before. you check out the collection and realise that you've seen a few of the pieces, but you've just never known where they were from.

this happened to me today, as i was/am procrastinating from my university assignments. black milk is amazing! it's this brand with insane leggings and bodysuits, and a few other bits and bobs, and holy sheet! leggings are my 'thing' this winter and i think that black milk is going to send me b-r-o-k-e.

i've already decided on what my first purchase will be. these are amazing.
burned velvet leggings, so intricate and beautiful.

stalkin' yo style.

one of my absolute favourite brands is stylestalker. they always have pieces which are on trend, but they somehow manage to combine a trend with a classic-ness which makes it this perfect investment piece which you know you'll be able to wear whenever, wherever and forever. i don't think you can ask for much more..

see? pretty sensational stuff if you ask me. clothing you can dress up or dress down but either way you're still gonna look like the hottest thing since freshly popped toast. (yeah i'm aware people don't say that but i'm gonna stick with it.) but this next thing, is sex on a stick.

i don't even want to call it a jacket because it's too exceptional to be thrust in with other regular jackets.
cannot wait until i get this baby off lay-by.
it's leathery and furry and cuddly and my winter will not be the same without it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

dressed to the nines.

we all have those moments where we need something a little extra special. something where the label will make you feel that little bit better more celeb-like, and you're prepared to go for the splurge just so you can feel fabulous.

when i'm feeling this way i head straight to mycatwalk. it's a website with some gorgeous aussie fashion brands, amongst others, which are a bit on the pricey side but the pieces are gorgeous. and they alwayssss have pre-order items, so you can be the first to own the latest collections.

as i said, for something special it's my go-to place... like my boyfriend's 21st next weekend. ugh, the stresses of having to look like the picture perfect girlfriend! here's hoping i find something that will make me look half decent!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


there's two gowns from the oscars this year which i still can't get over.
and i spose it helps that the women in them are completely stunning.

mail loving.

to my complete and utter surprise, i received my victoria's secret parcel in the post today! the perfect thing to cheer me up as i was having a pretty crappy day (film studies is a killer boredom class - i spent most of it browsing other pretty blogs and adapting some creative ideas for my own).

back to victoria's secret though - my beautiful fur vest is finally here! and oh my, it is going to get a serious workout this winter. it's faux, but oh so luscious, and i'm stroking it the way i stroked my kitten when i first got her, and considering giving my vest a name. i don't know if that's wrong..

it's premiere outing will be to a friend's 21st. she's themed it 'international cocktail' and gave everyone a country to dress up as. my boy and i got antarctica, which we thought was an impossible task at first, however after giving it some thought i came up with some half decent options... i'm going as a fur seal. yeah, what of it!

one shoulder dress - american apparel
beanie - general pants co
necklace - vintage
faux fur vest - victoria's secret

i am about to buy the most intensely gorgeous black suede moccasin booties to wear with this outfit. will post them up when i've made the purchase from sportsgirl!

the big smoke.

i'm dreaming of this...

i want to go to new york so, so badly. hopefully visiting family sometime this year and it will be incredible to not only see my family, but experience new york for all that it is.
someone take me. please?!