Tuesday, June 28, 2011

oh me, oh my.

sorry for the lack of posts over the past 2 weeks, but i am so in love with new york city that i haven't had a second to spare! my short time in los angeles was fantastic, but i'm definitely a new yorker - i could see myself living here in a heartbeat. 

i leave here in a few days and will be back home with a multitude of posts at the ready. i got a brand spankin' new camera, and have been using it to it's full potential, so there'll be plenty of pics for you to enjoy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the city.

returning to my second home, nyc: 4 sleeps. x

Thursday, June 9, 2011


be prepared - another summer musing coming your way: 
my summer uniform consists of a casual t-shirt (pref white) and a pair of denim shorts. i LOVE denim shorts. i have created quite a collection over the years, but i'm still incredibly picky about the way my shorts look and fit, with my preference being for one teaspoon's beautiful and classic creations (i have six pairs. yes, six.) but lately, i've really been loving the coloured denim trend. it's kinda cool, adds something a bit different to the usual blue denim, and the pop of colour really makes it summery, bright and vibrant. i'm thinking i need to spread my wings and invest in a pair, because out of those six pairs, only 2 aren't the classic blue denim colour!

big shades.

i've always had a secret style crush on lauren conrad. she's just always seemed like this cool, down to earth, vibrant young woman and appears so confident in what she knows and believes in - and as another confession - secret obsession with her hair too. i've read a few of her novels (trashy, but nevertheless a good read) and she has a gorgeous personal style book too. 
one of the things she's always been classically on trend with is sunglasses. i followed her on the ray-ban aviators, and i'm loving her big, slightly squared sunnies as of late. so flattering and oh so celeb.

Monday, June 6, 2011

sensory overload.

i've always loved fresh flowers. my mum has continuously had fresh flowers in our house, and it always makes me feel homely and settled into a space. her favourites were always the ones that are different and quirky, or that smell so incredibly fragrant that the sweet smell seeps through the whole house. flowers seem to be a sensory overload, the smell is fantastic, they have incredible textures & they look utterly gorgeous. it's this little way of bringing some of nature's true beauty into a room. 
i'm consistently in a battle with myself to keep my room in a state of peace - it's either ocd clean, or looks like a bombsite. but when it is ocd clean, there is nothing that finishes it off more perfectly, than a big beautiful bunch of delicately fragrant flowers.

hot wedges.

loving me a hot and sexy pair of wedges at the moment. they do the incredible things that stilettos do, without the pain factor. god i love such a wondrous creation. and, they're transeasonal.. but that doesn't stop me from stocking up. just bought myself two more pairs - and while i'm on that note - tony bianco is having an AMAZING sale. get onto it! quick! serious bargains. got myself 2 pairs of wedges for $160.

seasonal favourite.

lately, i've noticed how popular different sky blue shades of nail polish have become. the colour has been popping up everywhere, and i think it's a really pretty and different touch to add to an outfit. i've seen some beautiful ones, in a variety of prices, and think i'll be trying it to brighten up the gloomy winter days of sydney.. i'm really missing the bright blue sky which accompanies sydney's beautiful summer days. 

1. Sportsgirl Nail It!: 'Iceberg'
2. O.P.I Shrek Collection: 'What's with the cattitude?'
3. Chanel Le Vernis: 'Riva'

Sunday, June 5, 2011

solid combinations.

there's nothing i like more than finding an item of clothing which effortlessly finishes an outfit. at the moment, i've been loving the combination of slouchy shorts with a tarnished and tanned belt. it adds a unique little touch and looks great paired with a bodice or an oversized button up shirt - basically anything and everything. i'll be finding myself some beautiful belts before summer so that i can ace this outfit when summertime hits!

oh sunshine.

i source the majority of my images from we heart it, a beautiful website which is filled with the most perfect photos of everything you could possibly think of. i could (and have) spent hours trawling through the images, and lately, it's been killing me seeing all the gorgeousness of summer embodied in these photos, from the northern hemisphere's summer climate at the moment. one of the trends i've been noticing are the popularity of braids. all types and styles and all equally unique, and a great twist on the indie, hippie style that i truly love about summer. so with wishful thinking and while i'm mourning summer, it's inspired me to try and master a fishtail braid on my hair tomorrow morning!

70's inspiration.

loving these beautiful big, floppy, 70's inspired hats. i've already got myself a black felt one which is gorgeous, and i can definitely see myself taking it though to summertime, lying on the beach in my bikini with a big hat and sunnies. god i miss the sunshine..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

brunette's do it better.

so as a natural brunette with naturally tanned skin and therefore a lack of options with my hair, i have always been a strong advocate that brunette's are way hotter, and can rock the exotic brunette look better than a blonde can pull off the sexy blonde look. the only problem i've encountered, is that due to the combination of dark locks and skin, it means i'm very limited with colour. to be honest, i don't want to colour. so, it's all about the styling. and up until a little while ago, that consisted of dead straight length with a ghd straightener permanently in tow and some seriously heat damaged hair. but as of late, i've started loving the tousled, semi wavy, i've-just-been-for-a-swim-in-the-surf-and-now-i'm-a-beach-goddess look. it's so gorgeous, so exotic and so perfect with a tan and piles of gold jewellery. utterly gorgeous.
style note: if you're loving this look - HIGHLY RECOMMEND bumble&bumble surf spray.

we heart it