Monday, November 28, 2011

label feature

 kristi rose

it's been awhile since i've done a feature on a label so i thought i'd share with you one of my favourite up and coming designers. her name is kristi rose and i was actually a few years below her at my old high school, but boy has she come a long way! her beautiful label has developed into something incredible, with some truly gorgeous pieces - it reminds me a little of lover the label with a very unique edgy feel. the collection itself is simplistic at heart, yet it just feels too special to be simple. it's glamorous and the luxury of the fabrics, the subtle sexiness of the occasional open back and the angelic draping (yes, i'm talking about those utterly beautiful palazzo pants) are all stand out features which make this collection difficult to ignore. i love the colour scheme too, it's wearable and personally, it suits me to a T - classic colours which are incredibly versatile. i'm buying the 'you'll have your looks' white dress (last two photos) on wednesday to wear at a friends 21st this weekend and the prospect of wearing it with my mushroom coloured tony biancos is too much to handle - so excited! also on my list: the mulberry jumpsuit, the white silk skirt, the tangerine draped dress and the white high-neck open back top. basically, everything. and best of all, she's opened an online store. get shopping!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

sunday summary

we heart it / they all hate us

laying back on a sunday night trying to embrace and enjoy the little relaxation time that i've had this week. work has been cray-cray to say the least (so many shifts, and a VERY busy retail period), but in much more exciting news, i'm saving for a holiday! therefore plenty of work means plenty of money to spend on my tropical holiday. i'll be heading to hawaii (ecstatic beyond belief) and i have been once before with my family, but this will be quite a different trip with friends. if anyone has any recommendations on where to go/stay/eat etc, i'd love to hear about it! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

health attack

they all hate us

i'm sorry, but anyone who calls miss bingle 'fat' has me to deal with and it won't be pretty. i think she's looking hot to trot - it's nice to see a model with some feminine qualities about her, and it's horrifying to think she's had to defend herself after the media used terms such as 'fat' 'overweight' or 'a little too curvy' on this gorgeous young woman. good on you lara, you're a picture of health and from the amount of paparazzi shots of her not only working out but also eating a BALANCED diet (yes, that means pasta is okay guys) i think she's doing everything right. 

oh my tony

jess loves fred

anyone who knows me, knows that i'm a sucker for tony bianco. his shoes are just so perfect and it's the first brand i turn too when i'm looking to invest in a new pair of heels. they're cost effective, comfortable and most importantly, so beautiful, unique and on trend. so when i saw these photos on jess loves fred, i was mesmerised! the new collection is amazing no? the classic stilettos in those vibrant colours are incredible. the second photo - metallic platforms. are you kidding me? does this get any better? oh yes my friend, because this is followed by some seriously hot leopard print (i'm a big sucker for it on any sort of accessory) and those leopard print flats are gods gift.
thank you mr bianco!

Monday, November 14, 2011

simplistic dressing

they all hate us

i saw this outfit on the fabulous blog 'they all hate us' and it instantly caught my attention. i think outfits which are wearable often grab me more than the couture, glamorous side of life. i'm not sure if it's the reality of being able to replicate it and the applicability to my life, but somehow they always catch my eye. this one in particular i just love for it's freshness, the crispness and yet it's delicate and feminine at the same time. i love that, in it's original form, it's quite a masculine look, but when accessorised with the perfect black heel and dainty jewellery it's something quite unique. i've never though of double cuffing before either.. it's quite a lovely concept and i think without it, the look wouldn't be quite as polished as it is. my boyfriend will be pleased to know that this outfit only makes me more determined to 'borrow' the perfect sky blue cotton button up which he has in his wardrobe. thanks baby!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

someone like you

so the preview for maurie & eve AW2012 has been released, and it's actually been quite a surprise. i completely adore maurie & eve and have for quite awhile. their summer collection has been incredible and i've already invested in quite a few pieces. it was light, fun, sexy and very colourful - hence why i considered much of it to be perfect for the summer weather. what i find interesting about their AW12 collection, 'someone like you', is that it seems to have taken a mature turn in a way i haven't really seen before. it's the fabrics, the cuts, a feeling of inner self confidence that beams out through this collection. but whilst it's matured, it's also stayed true to the maurie & eve style, with classic blouses and dresses with gorgeous cut outs, perfect for a night out on the town. i love the new aztec-esque print they've come up with, and the palazzo pants are definitely a favourite. also on the favourites cards is the navy dress with the very sexy cut out at the front, and the jacket worn with the aztec print shorts - that whole look is completely perfect. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

hot & cold

fs style

loving two of my favourite style icons in bold colours. a definitive way to stand out in the crowd, no matter whether you go for the hot or cold option.

crushin... still

still one of my biggest style inspirations... she just does style too well. keep up the amazing outfits christina.

such a babe!