Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas 2012

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day, getting spoiled rotten and eating so much that you could have rolled home. I had some serious food coma's going on - Christmas and food just go hand in hand! On Christmas Eve I headed over to a family friends place for their Polish Christmas Eve, eating delicious Polish foods (meat free, of course) and getting ready for Santa's arrival. Christmas morning began at 8am sharp with the opening of presents and I absolutely scored this year! So grateful for everything I got.. Sigma make up brushes, Glasshouse candles, Sportsgirl shorts, Tony Bianco heels, $50 voucher for The Nail Lab, an assortment of make up, Samatha Wills earrings, Chloe perfume, a GORGEOUS new bedside lamp and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses! I was absolutely ecstatic about everything I received - just couldn't believe my luck. But present opening was quickly over as we prepared for all 50 - yes 50 - of my family members to descend on our house for our Sri Lankan feast, which lasted well into the evening and finished with the traditional game of poker. But by then, I slowly slipped away.. ready to slide into my new bedsheets and fall straight to sleep. Christmas is one hell of a day, but I honest to god love every second of it! I'm such a sucker for tradition!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

the christmas limited edition.. edition.

L'Occitane Shimmering Oil $39 - L'Occitane Body Milk $39 - L'Occitane Roll on Eau De Toilette $30
Glasshouse Christmas Collection - $40 - Glasshouse Limited Edition Christmas Candle - $42.95

Hi, I'm Chloe and I would like to confess that I am a legitimate, hardcore, one hundred percent committed Christmas fanatic. I can't quite explain why.. I don't know if it was the fact that my due date was Christmas Eve (I came a week early) and hence my birthday and christmas being so close have always made it an exciting time of year, or whether it was my mum's love of entertaining during December, or school holidays, or summer, or christmas carols.. or maybe a combination of all. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved Christmas and as soon as I see those decorations up in Westfield for the first time, or the glimpse of December 1st on the calendar, I get the most overwhelming sense of joy and happiness. Alongside the christmas pudding and ham and present purchasing comes another thing I adore about Christmas - limited edition Christmas products. This year I have been loving the L'Occitane and Glasshouse collections. L'Occitane have released two fragrant collections called Fleurs Merveilleuses and Feuilles Magiques and they smell divine. I love the shimmering body oil and the body milk - gave them both a test run on my birthday night out and my limbs were shimmering like christmas lights (someone help me, I have a problem..) For my birthday, I received the Glasshouse Limited Edition White Christmas Candle. It smells sweet and soothing and has a nice spicy hint of clove, and the fact that the candle itself is pink makes me just that little bit happier. The Christmas Collection is also a seriously good gift - three miniature glasshouse candles in a beautiful box, packaged up and ready to go. If you're as obsessed with Christmas as I am, you've probably already dived in amongst these. If you haven't, get on board grinch! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

concrete jungle

Thought I'd share beginning boutique's latest lookbook with you; Concrete Jungle. The shoot was based in NYC and the looks blend in perfectly with the city. It's edgy, on trend, young and with a vibe that you just can't quite put your finger on.. all in all, it makes me incredibly nostalgic and I miss NYC more than ever! I am desperate to get my hands on that Stylestalker 'don't worry be sexy' tank.. have you guys seen the photo of Alessandra in it? Killing it! The lovely ladies at BB are also offering a 10% discount at the moment; just enter BLOGGER in the coupon code section at the checkout.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

fierce obsession

 zimmermann leopard cap - zimmermaan oasis triangle bikini
nookie leopard maxi - stylestalker leopard shorts - zara leopard pants

Well i'm officially on holidays and boy, does it feel good! I've missed you guys! Feels so great to be blogging without the guilty sensation of an assignment hanging over my head, knowing that "i reaaallly should be doing that now", god I love holiday freedom! Apparently my excitement for holidays has been rather fierce, because I've developed this intense obsession for leopard print (see what I did there?) I know that leopard can be a little.. trashy.. but i'm not talking about cougar-ish velvet leopard print cardi's.. rather, zimmermann leopard bikini's with little gold toggles on the ends, a drapey leopard maxi from nookie, and floaty culottes to throw on with converse or sandals in classic summer fashion. If you need proof of just how hot leopard can look, go check out the photo of nikki phillips in the nookie maxi on her instagram. H-O-T. I've managed to get two out of four items on my list.. i haven't stopped wearing the cap since I got it, and the pants are due in the mail any day. 
Now i'm just deciding what should be next! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

assignment overload

Honestly, I am the biggest blog neglector sometimes, it's ridiculous! In the past week I have had five assignments due (again, ridiculous) and i'm currently on the fifth! It's due on thursday and it's a big fat 50% essay. Is that horrible or what? Anyway, it means that from thursday I will officially be on uni holidays and will be able to devote all my time to you guys. But for now, as I write my essay on the compatibility of religion and feminism, I leave you with this smokin' hot picture of Miranda. Gimme that handbag and those legs, stat.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

sequin lust


i have a girlfriend's 21st this weekend and i've decided to finally purchase an aje catara cut out skirt.. but which colour?? decisions, decisions... #firstworldproblems, i know. but help me out guys, i'm completely stuck. for the record, i have olive skin and i'm a brunette. i'd be wearing them with my favourite tony bianco heels and a silk zimmermann tank (i have a few colours.. orange, white & blue).

Thursday, October 11, 2012

summer buys

As I sit here in this gloomy, rainy, windy weather, I compiled a list of a few items that i'm looking forward to wearing this summer.. and it's made me happier already!
Nick Campbell Stringer Sunglasses: I've been wearing the same Ray-Ban aviators for 3 years and I still love them to death. Having said that, I'd love to have another pair to switch them around with. These NC shades popped up on Harper & Harley's blog and I instantly fell in love with the shape. They're like wayfarers with a seriously cool cat-eye twist.
Ksubi Cee Cee Roll Denim Shorts: As per usual, I'll be wearing denim shorts all summer long, so obviously I need one or two new pairs to add to my collection. I'd been finding it impossible to find a nice fitting pair that weren't shredded and frayed down the bottom, so i love the clean fold of these.
Seafolly Limited Edition Florance Bikini: We finally have limited edition in stores!! It's so exciting and it's so incredibly beautiful. If you haven't dropped by your local Seafolly store lately, get by and check it out. Limited edition is made from the most luxurious fabrics, the most gorgeous of prints and the cuts are simply divine. Check out the back detailing on the maxi dresses in the collection, it'll have you dreaming of long summer nights. 
Friend of Mine Lafayette Knit Dress: This dress couldn't be further from my typical kind of style. Yet as soon as I saw it all I could think about was how cool it would look in summer, with a sick pair of shades and my zimmermann cap and a nice pair of sandals. Summer casual at it's best.
Shakuhachi Raw Edge Racer Jersey Maxi Dress: On the contrary, this dress is definitely more my typical style. I'm a sucker for a good maxi dress and if it's mint, count me in. The racer back detailing is just an added bonus. It's filled with cool, drapey, summery goodness.
Watson x Watson 'X' Sandals: Love me some sandals. These ones tick all the boxes for me; a neon hit, based on tan, some criss cross detailing and a little buckle clasp. Super cute and super sexy all at the same time. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

hat swag


i've never been much of a hat person, but lately i've found quite a few that have been catching my eye. not enough to make a purchase just yet, but enough for me to take a second glance and consider the possibility. this was all until i laid eyes on these divine zimmermann caps. aren't they gorgeous? i'm thinking of getting one in the floral and one in the leopard print - if that doesn't show you how much i love them then nothing will! and they're only $45. not a bad price point for a gorgeous zimmermann print that i can envision myself wearing all through summer. my uniform during summer is denim shorts, sandals and a white muscle tee, but i can see these gorgeous caps adding a very special something to my favourite combination. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

summer wardrobe

 bec & bridge

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Seriously.. if you're wondering what i'm going to be wearing this summer, I think i'm just going to live in the Bec & Bridge 'paradiso bianco' high summer collection. I know that a lot of you would have seen this, but if I was a collection of clothing, it would be this. A base of white in a multitude of lovely textures, cooling blue prints, and a bright pop or orange for those warm summer nights. I've fallen in love with the pants in this collection, which is a very odd thing for me as i'm definitely not a pants person, but there's something about the way that they effortless drape and fall down the body that makes me feel like I actually, really do need them. The rosetta jeans, palazzo playsuit, claudia short & la dolce bodysuit are high on my list of priorities right now too. In stores from October and I. Can't. Wait!

Monday, September 24, 2012

four year

it was my four year anniversary with my beautiful boyfriend last friday and he bought me the most incredible marc jacobs watch. i am over the moon and when i'm not wearing it, i'm blissfully gazing at it. we had a great dinner at hurricanes, dessert at gelato messina and a few drinks with friends in surry hills to end a wonderful day.

he's a truly special person and i'm eternally grateful to have experienced his love & support everyday for the past four years.


a few snippets of my life lately via instagram. i've been on uni holidays for the past week and thankfully we've had a fair few days of beautiful sun, so i've been spending all some of my time by the pool with my puppy by my side, drinking smoothies and reading my favourite mags (famous & cosmo). i've also been eating clean because i have had the most horrific eczema breakout, so i'm recalibrating my diet for a month. i've been making lots of salad and creating some amazing paleo treats, like orange choc truffles and blueberry lemon muffins! if you have any gluten & dairy free recipes i'd love to hear them.