Saturday, July 30, 2011

saturday inspiration

we heart it.

neon brights

harper & harley

how gorgeous is the beautiful sara from harper & harley?! not only do i love the neon bright nail polish she was blogging about, due to be released by bloom cosmetics, but i'm kinda adoring her hair. if i had the guts to cut my long locks short, i'd want my hair to be exactly like this. 
pretty bronzed highlights included.

holy sheet; part 2

one teaspoon

i'm sorry, but one teaspoon just released more. and i'm flabbergasted all over again. FURREAKING AMAZING. i've already decided that my wardrobe this summer is seafolly, maurie & eve and one teaspoon. phenomenal.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

current obsessions

my absolute favourites at the moment from mycatwalk. i am ADORING maurie & eve's new collection, it's absolutely fabulous and filled with beautiful pop's of colour. and how cute is the bec & bridge dress at the bottom? i'm a sucker for some pretty draping.

Friday, July 22, 2011

holy sheet

one teaspoon.

don't mind me, but i'm currently HAVING A HEART ATTACK OVER THESE. seriously, i can't breathe.

these are the new releases from one teaspoon. a preview of what's to come in their wonderful spring summer collection and i am really struggling to breathe right now because the amount of absolute love i have for these pictures is out. of. control. it's this eclectic mix of jungle & tribal inspired prints with this classic outback australia influence and completely quirky in the oh so one teaspoon way. and it's amazing. it just works. it's everything i want this summer and more. oh my, someone control me... the soft brim hats, the slinky, breezy, completely & utterly summer nights dresses (which would look amaze belted with some crazy heels), the incredible print on that tribal maxi skirt and the ruffles on the slightly-too-short-but-i'll-try-to-make-it-work dress. i think i'm in love.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

colour pop


absolutely LOVE this bikini. how amazing is that colour & the beautiful pleated texture? and paired with the turquoise & gold necklace... ah-mazing.

nasty gal

nasty gal blog

loving these pictures from nasty gal's campaigns. they do such gorgeous pieces, i always love what they have in stock, and they're priced so reasonably that it's incredibly easy to fill up your shopping cart and not spend a fortune!

foodie week

i've had lots of spare time on my hands as of late, what with my friends and other half overseas for a month. therefore i've been spending plenty of time cooking, baking and out to brunch! essentially following in my mum's footsteps, who is renown for her fantastic cooking skills.

1. my mum's incredible chicken laksa - perfect for the freezing cold winter nights that sydney's been shivering through lately.
2. i made it my mission to learn how to make poached eggs. i found the whirlpool method worked best, and was quite pleased with the results!
3. my beautiful poached eggs on toast with garlic aioli, chilli powder and burnt butter sauce. so yummy, i think it's a neil perry recipe.
4. brunch with my beautiful friend laura at indigo in double bay. i got the breakfast bruschetta with poached eggs and bacon, purely because it's the most tasty and fantastic way to start a day.
5. homemade potato & leek soup. honestly the easiest soup in the world to make because it's so tasty with the most basic of ingredients.
6. the easiest and most fantastically delectable pear crumble cake in the world. my mum and i made it together on friday, and it came out of the oven just in time for dessert as the rain was falling outside. it filled the house with the most beautifully warming aroma's of cinnamon and pear and it's perfectly paired with some thick cream. the recipe is from not quite nigella and if you're looking for the perfect winter cake, this is it.
7. one of my favourite breakfast's; avocado on good quality sourdough with chilli powder, salt & pepper.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

beach glam


the fantastic, oh so crazy-glam ss collection from seafolly. i absolutely adore seafolly, for the simple fact that essentially all of their bikinis are seperates. thank god for a brand which has recognised that all women aren't the same size top and bottom, and are catering for that need, because boy oh boy do i need it. they're reasonably priced and the prints this season are phenomenal to say the least. these are just a few of my favourites - i already know that the black one with the little cutouts is going to be my favourite bikini this summer. if you haven't invested in a seafolly bikini, i highly recommend. i bought a gorgeous frilly purple one last summer and pretty much wore it to death! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

off duty

we the people

i had a 'foodie' week last week, and so decided the upcoming post will be dedicated to my food adventures. so if you're hungry, i strongly advise that before you read the next post, you eat something good and filling. just looking at some of the photos i took made my mouth water! i've been doing lots of my own cooking too, mostly hearty & homely foods which are organic and make you feel as good as they taste. 

but for now, i leave you with another picture from we the people - please check it out here if you haven't yet - and on that note; i contacted jessie, the girl behind the blog, to let her know that i adored we the people, and she sent me a truly sweet response. she seems to be as beautiful a person as the pictures she takes!

but don't you love this off duty model look? i want to try out the look with the shearling jacket, seeing as mine finally arrived in the post today! yay!