Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hot legs.

google images

in summer, i'm going to be a brunette candice swanepoel. all tanned and leggy with peachy bronze make up and wearing strappy heels with sheer white button ups and metallic jacquard short shorts. seriously, i bought them from topshop the other day, so seeing this made me incredibly excited. i know i'm supposed to be focusing on winter right now.. but my eczema is flaring up thanks to all the heating drying out my skin and rain is just incredibly annoying. don't get me wrong, winter has it's pretty days, like the one today if you're in sydney.. it's crisp but the sun's out and it's beautiful blue skies with a slight breeze. but when you work for a company that put's it's heart and soul into everything summer and you're getting so pale that there's no differentiation between the colour of your behind and the rest of your skin (don't pretend you don't know what i'm talking about.. winter's officially hit when you're the same colour all over). so for now, i'll sit here contently in my mint coloured knit and chunky gold bracelets, dreaming about lacey short shorts and tans and beach hair and neon nails.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

make up mayhem

oh my gosh, i have never been working so much in my life! the plus side to having no exams is the fantastic fact that i am getting PLENTY of shifts at work while everyone else is studying their little hearts out. i'm raking in the moolah! i've been meaning to post these pictures for awhile, i stumbled across them on one of the blogs i follow (and i'm being a really bad blogger today and have completely forgotten where i got them from) but something about them completely resonated with me. i've really been getting into basic, everyday make up looks lately, which is a new thing for me as i have never, ever been the type of girl who wears make up on a daily basis. i've never really needed too and i've never known how to apply it properly, so it's just been a neglected aspect of my life. 

however, i've since discovered some products and tips which have changed my world! if you haven't tried a BB cream, get out there and do yourself a favour. i've got the Garnier BB cream and it is phenomenal. it looks super dooper dewy when you first apply it (i got a bit scared) but it sinks in after a minute or two and looks FLAWLESS! i can't even explain how fantastic the coverage is. just blends right in! i've also been loving chocolate brown liners instead of black - great for daytime looks - and the phenomenal work a pretty lipstick can do.

and i guess that's what attracted me to these images.. the first one with that amazing pop of pink on her lips - such a fresh look! and the second one is definitely something i want to try.. really basic, nothing too flashy but it just looks so effortlessly natural, right? 

Friday, June 8, 2012


max brenner tutti frutti waffles in winter. is there anything better?

i had the sh!*test day on this day. my tutor was horrible to me, and i had to go waste an hour until i met up with my boyfriend. but it's amazing what a coconut hot chocolate and the new issue of cosmopolitan can do!

if you haven't been to aboutlife marketplace (rozelle and bondi junction) i highly recommend it! best salads and yummy kombucha.

my mum's healthy cheesecake with raspberry coulis.

i have finally found my perfect watch.. it's taken me a year and a half but it's divine. just gotta wait until my birthday in december...

i loved my tony bianco devon boots so much in black.. that i ended up getting the brown too. highly recommended!

my life up until today... essays essays essays.

my favourite nail polish combo! OPI pink-a-doodle-doo and a true romantic. baby pink with a perfectly subtle shimmer.

my favourites at the moment. tony bianco boots, topshop jeans, forever new parka and dip dye scarf.

and this last one is my happy face... you wanna know why? because a) i went to the hairdresser and got my hair did. best feeling ever, i was channelling delta ala the voice hair. b) i had my last class of semester today, and i don't do exams. you wanna know what that means? HOLIDAYS!! I'M BEYOND EXCITED! FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM!