Wednesday, September 28, 2011

festival season

uri auerbach

so excited for the parklife tour this weekend! it kicked off last weekend in melbourne & perth, and this weekend it's hitting brisbane, sydney and adelaide and i'll be hitting up sydney and radelaide for work! i just can't wait to experience the concept of actually being a part of this intensely huge festival. it's gonna be one hell of a weekend, working alllllll day at parklife sydney, and then heading off to parklife adelaide the next day to do it all over again! if you're planning on hitting up parklife sydney or parklife adelaide, let me know! i'd love to see my bloggers around the fest.

side note: don't you worry, i've given plenty of thought to what on earth i was going to wear. considering the outlook for sydney weather on sunday, it's looking like some gumboots, leggings, a comfy tee and a very big rain jacket is the way to go! bring on the dancing in the rain! adelaide may be a different story though, and it's driving me bananas.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the glamorous life

probably one of the best photos i have ever seen... rachel zoe's luggage at milan fashion week. 
hahahaha absolutely brilliant!

Monday, September 26, 2011

jaw dropping


this picture does things to me you don't even wanna know about. anyone who knows me well/reads this blog regularly knows i have a strong appreciation for christine centenera's style. she is just so utterly beautiful, her hair is perfect, and her style is just so incredibly chic.

monday drag

the sartorialist, weheartit, stockholm streetstyle

some pretty pictures of pretty people to pretty up your monday.
mondays can be such a draaaaaaaaaag right?
ps. and yes, my love for bar refaeli and her style is becoming rather apparent...

preppy brights


love these pictures posted on tuula (very very pretty blog!!) from NYFW. J Crews new collection is gorgeous, every day pieces with stand out brights which i could most certainly see myself wearing. love the green colour blocking bag, the very pink neon shirt, and the bright as sunshine yellow pants. 


harper & harley

i possibly have an obsession with sarah from harper & harley. she just embodies the exact style i envy, adore and try to create myself. particularly adore her new hair cut, and even more so, this pretty little outfit. it reminds me of a modern day audrey hepburn, no? the highcut neckline, the delicate a line skirt...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

exclusivity factor


the gorgeous, completely irresistible limited edition collection from seafolly. the fabrics are luxurious, prints are vibrant, the detailing is impeccable and the fit is perfect. they're on the pricey side because they're limited edition, but take it from me when i say they're definitely worthwhile.. i'm lusting after every single one of them. side note: there is the most GORGEOUS leather bag in this collection. it's huge and brown and has some pretty tassels and legitimately feels soft as butter. i bought it just the other day and i quite seriously want to fall asleep cuddling it every night.

3 beautiful years

(sorry about the quality - iphone photos!)

yesterday was my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend, and without a doubt, it was one of the BEST nights i've ever had. we booked a room at the establishment hotel, a beautiful little boutique hotel a 5 minute walk from circular quay. our package included a 7 course degustation menu at est. and a continental breakfast buffet the next morning, and everything was perfect from the moment we arrived. the hotel is gorgeous - i highly recommend it if you ever feel like you need to escape. the room was HUGE and beautifully furnished, with lovely big windows, a very comfy bed & sofa, marble bathroom & a complimentary ipad with wifi to use during your stay (which my man made very good use of. he now wants to buy one for himself.)
dinner at est. was most definitely the highlight of our stay. it's definitely pricey but we got quite a good deal by getting it as a package with the hotel, and every one of the seven courses took our breath away. whether it be the quality, the tastes or the presentation, it was all impeccable and could not be faulted. the service was attentive without being overbearing and if you want to treat yourself or someone special, you MUST go to est. and have the venison main - it was the first time my man had experienced venison and he didn't stop raving about how incredible it was for the rest of the night.
breakfast was in the gin garden and had a lovely assortment of sonoma breads, pastries, fruit salad & toasted muesli, which was completely perfect after the epic meal the night before! and they serve T2 tea, which just happens to be my favourite. so i may have enjoyed an earl grey or two. or three.. but overall the stay was perfect. and to the man who's made me incredibly happy over the past three years: happy anniversary

wearing: seafolly dress.

Monday, September 19, 2011

summer's sprung

got? public relations

a pretty collection of pictures from a gorgeous little blog by two beautiful people! check out got? public relations. the girls are always posting the prettiest pictures, and this little collection is inspiring me for summer!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

huff and puff

stockholm streetstyle

i'm having a bit of a huff and puff moment about topshop. i have such a horrendous love hate relationship with them. their clothes are fantastic, generally reasonably priced and from my experience so far, always seem to be perfectly true to size and durable. but their one downfall is postage to australia! oh how i would love the option to not only get things quicker, but to be able to track my package would be a real treat. cough cough hint hint topshop, if you're listening...
on the bright side, i saw this picture and it made me smile. it's the kind of outfit i would wear, and would really like to try now that the weather has made a warm turn! her multicoloured nails are a very cute touch too. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

into the wild

the sartorialist

adore this photo from the sartorialist. i've gone a bit crazy on the whole animal print trend lately, we just got a brand new leopard print bikini in at seafolly and i rather aggressively grabbed it off my manager. i then sheepishly apologised for acting a little looney, and ran into the changerooms to try it on. which was amazeballs. anyway, i also decided i needed myself some leopard print shoes, so picked up some very sexy wedges in a nice deep brown leopard print from glue store for the suhweet price of $89.95 - hence loving life. i've been working like a complete and utter nut case lately but i'm trying to keep the blog posts coming, so please bare with me! i'll have some great ones next week from my anniversary, i have a very special surprise planned for my other half and i'll be sure to share the photos!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

completely captivating

who what wear

i saw this photo on who what wear this morning, as i was perusing bloglovin' before work, and her outfit was on my mind all day. it was one of those outfits that i couldn't stop thinking about, she just pulls it off so effortlessly well! the unique cut of the leather shorts, the masculine edge of the sleeveless trench juxtaposed with the feminine shimmer of her necklace glinting in the sunlight, and the delicately cut patent booties. the prints of the sunglasses and bag feel as if they should throw everything out the window, and yet they somehow pull the whole look together perfectly. images like this are the perfect example of why you should try something new and different in every outfit, don't you think?

Monday, September 12, 2011


we heart it

okay, so this may seem ridiculously insignificant and silly to some, but i hit 10 followers on bloglovin and it's made my day! the blogging community has been so wonderful & kind, and nothing makes me happier than finding a comment on one of my posts from someone who's enjoyed what i've posted about. it's the motivation that keeps us all doing what we love to do! so i'm sending out big big big love vibes to all of you, you're fantastic.

Friday, September 9, 2011

peek a boo

the sartorialist/we heart it

aren't these pops of colour just gorgeously summery and bright? i love the way the colour just bursts through, enough to brighten up something quite neutral, but not enough to completely take over the outfit.