Thursday, April 12, 2012

b&b, second drop

second winter drop of bec & bridge has been released and it's far from a disappointment... 'elle est un animale' is filled with leather, metallic, sequins, animal print, knits.. it's a texture lover's best friend. so now the only question is... which dress should i be getting to wear to my best friends 21st party? the little sequin number, the cherry red lace, the leopard print? (while we're on that note.. does anyone know where i could hunt down a beautiful mask for the party? it's a masquerade theme) 
but back to this collection, as most of you who read my blog regularly would know, i've been on the hunt - for god knows how long - for some gorgeous black leather pants that weren't ridiculously expensive and i'm pretty sure these b&b ones are PERFECT! FOR $180! I couldn't believe my eyes either. 
In stores and online from Monday! Go check em out.

Monday, April 9, 2012


my mumma bought me the trilogy... the week before i have two assignments due. love her, but god help me. i'd already read book one, and book two is too amazing to put down!

legit, this boy in front of me at my lecture was wearing a headband. i know that taking a photo was mad stalkerish, but i knew no one would believe me unless i took one. what the? hipster central @ UTS.

beautiful lilies from a beautiful boy.

my dad's amazing prawn, cucumber & aioli rolls for dinner.

favourite things... dahlia's, tea in my pooh bear cup and caramel tarts.

mumma went to brisbane for 4 days... stuck in a house with 2 boys. woo!

off to easter celebrations! wearing my new seafolly cardi & chloe solid perfume necklace.

honestly, she is the CUTEST THING EVER. you can't see me!

easter haul... big creme eggs, mini creme eggs, caramello eggs and cadbury eggs. FAVOURITES!

been instagramming my little heart out..
follow me for foodporn and impulse shopping purchases @chloekiara
hope you all had a chocolate filled easter with friends and family!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

hoppy easter!

Leaving you with two things I love about easter.. 
Cadbury milk chocolate, cadbury caramello & lindt chocolate mini eggs _ top three absolute favourites.
And my beautiful baby bunny Johnson, who I miss terribly. I still remember every detail from the day we met...  I was ten, and my brother and I went out to find our easter eggs in the backyard. To our surprise, not only did we find our usual rainbow scattered eggs, but two baby bunnies hopping around amongst them. I think that was the only easter I didn't spend scoffing down my chocolate, but rather sitting in the backyard for about 4 hours straight stroking the softest ears imaginable, being amazed by how fast he could move his little nose and spoiling him with carrots galore. Miss my little bunny like crazy, especially at easter time, but I know he's having a hopping good time in bunny heaven, jumping around in fresh soft grass and eating all the carrots and celery he could possibly dream of.
Have a safe & happy easter! Will be posting some pictures of what I get up to tomorrow in the evening..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

blue jean baby

they all hate us

It's that time of the year again... when the weather is changing and I need to start preparing for winter (don't get me wrong, I've been daydreaming of luxurious knits and boots for months) but now I actually need to consider what pieces of clothing I need to invest in. This was quite the daunting process, but then I realised that it was clear what the number one item on my list should be; jeans. The one staple item my wardrobe is lacking; the perfect pair of printed jeans, blue jeans & black jeans. I wanted to add white to that list but it's far too extravagant as it is so for now I will keep it at that. But at 5'5", with reasonably slim legs and ridiculously tiny ankles (thank you to the one quarter Goan in me) it's not really an easy process to find some skinny jeans which fit just right. I've already decided my printed pair will be the current/elliott pair that miranda is wearing in the first photo, in the grey colour way. But when it comes to finding the perfect pair of blue or black jeans? I've hit a dead end. I've found that being the shorty I am, I can sometimes get away with wearing cropped jeans as full length jeans, but I just can't seem to find the right pair.. 
Here's my criteria:
1. they have to be super skinny all the way down to my ankles.
2. no bunching around my ankles. hate that!
3. the blue pair have to be a really deep blue rinse.. love me a dark indigo.
4. a good fit around the waist.. jeans always tend to gape on me.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I would really, seriously appreciate any help or advice!

Ps. If anyone knows what brand the jeans are in the second photo.. I'll love you forever. They're amazing.