Saturday, January 28, 2012

tropical vacation

general pants co/sportsgirl

just a little mood board of the clothes i envision myself wearing on my hawaiian holiday... comfy t's, short shorts, flowy dresses and extravagant accessories.. yep, i'm getting ridiculously excited now! swimming with the dolphins, paddle boarding, a day trip to pipeline, a hawaiian luau, a day long trip to ala moana shopping centre - helloooo sephora.. life is looking pretty good!

Friday, January 27, 2012

glam factor

they all hate us

having a bit of a leather moment.. i need some leather pants in my life this winter. they just add instant glam right? just that extra something that makes you go 'wow'...

Thursday, January 26, 2012


google images, lookbook

just collating some outfit inspiration for my brand-spankin-new-isabel-marant-inspired-tony-bianco-boots! went into wanted shoes today and they only had them in black, so they're getting transferred in store and will be ready to picked up early next week :) in the mean time, i'm getting some serious fashion ideas for my beautiful new babies. if anyone is interested in getting a pair (they're called 'simone'), wanted shoes currently have 20% off storewide until midnight tomorrow - meaning they're only $150! snap em up!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


google images, tony bianco

isabel marant dicker boots. they're literally everywhere and i have been dying for a pair since i saw kate bosworth rocking them in every way possible, but unfortunately they're a little out of my price range - especially with a trip to hawaii in the VERY near future (yay!) and therefore i had decided i'd put off purchasing them until after my holiday. since making that decision, the next biggest decision was which colour to get... do i go for black which i could definitely rock in winter, or do i go for a mushroom or khaki colour which might be a little more versatile for both seasons? well, thanks to tony bianco, i don't have to fret on that anymore. you see, the first photo is the isabel marant's. the second photo, is a beautiful little boot by tony bianco which is the most successful lookalike i've seen thus far, don't you think? i'm not the biggest advocate of copies, but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. and i'm still planning on buying the isabel's once i get back from my holiday. in black. woo hoo! you've gotta love the best of both worlds.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


 photos by me, via instagram

i've definitely fallen into the instagram trap, (feel free to follow me at chloekiara) and so i've been using it as a database for the quick happy snaps which happen when you least expect them...

1. palm trees by my pool
2. new bikini & a banana smoothie - heaven
3. the BEST place to be this summer
4. if you didn't get the above, my backyard
5. yummy dinner - grilled chicken and homemade taramasalata
6. my first fishtail braid.. pretty successful huh?
7. my favourite flower in the whole wild world
8. sally hansen salon effects nail strips. they will blow your mind, my friends
9. coogee, boyfriend, mango magic crush for mr lactose intolerant & strawberry smoothie for me <3
10. outfit for work christmas party. love me some sequins.
11. a very feminine addition to my wardrobe from the fantastic agent provocateur sale
12. four, yes, FOUR!!!! TIFFANY BOXES. hellooooo birthday. i knew 21 would be a good age!
13. new seafolly bikini's, in preparation for hawaii of course.
14. probably the best presents ever. all i've ever wanted was something 'chloe', it's my namesake after all. so this year, along with getting my very necessary bottle of chloe perfume, i also got the chloe locket i have been lusting after for so long. a beautiful, long, silver locket, with chloe engraved on the outside and solid perfume encased on the inside. it's stunning.

work work work

my photos

i've definitely been working my backside off lately, but with plenty of work comes time for play, and play we certainly have! first off was a bittersweet occasion, farewelling the most incredibly funny and amazing manager with a party at my humble abode with everyone bringing fantastic food, including the incredible white chocolate cheesecake in the first picture! the night got progressively messy, including the surprise stripper henry, who had all of us in absolute stitches. the party was 'm' themed, after our manager, and we had madeline, marilyn monroe, a mohican indian, mariah carey, a mermaid, miss serbia & malibu barbie.
just as i'd managed to recover from the riot of night that was the farewell, it was time for the belated work christmas party with the entire gang at criniti's in darling harbour. the food was delish (i've never, ever had so much pizza), everyone looked stunning and i won an award for most improved! i'll post a better idea of what i wore next time!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

mr bianco...

tony bianco blog

some behind the scenes shots posted by the effortlessly beautiful bambi northwood-blyth, who also happens to be the face of this seasons campaign. she's no stranger to the tony bianco aesthetic, having been blogging for tony bianco for quite awhile now, and after doing such a wonderful job in their last campaign, there's no surprises she's back for the new one.
can't get over the amazingness of that shot from behind with the over-the-knee stilettos.. phwoar.