Tuesday, May 31, 2011

nyc drama.

the best scene in the gossip girl series. ever. EVER.

Monday, May 30, 2011


i absolutely adore these leopard print culottes. i wore my seventh wonderland culottes for the first time last weekend (yay, loved them!) and so i've become a bit addicted to the cut. they're stylish for shorts, but a fun twist on what looks like a skirt.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

comfort food.

keeping with my winter trend, i also know that there's certain foods which are always ten million times better when it's pouring outside than in any other weather. for me, this is summed up in the sweet, crunchy, soft, chocolate dipped sensations of churros, the smooth richness of pumpkin soup, outrageously flavoured yet delicate macaroons, and of course, creamy marshmallow hot chocolate and hot cups of soothing tea.

we heart it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

the seasonal debate.

if you asked me which season i prefer, it's quite easy for me to say summer. i'm most definitely a summer person. i love the joy of holidays, the blistering heat, the sand and waves at the beach, laying lazily by the poolside, the parties and festivals and crazy memories that accompany them, christmas and new years and so much more. so sometimes, it's difficult for me to accept that the sun filled days are over and we're in the new blustery seasons of autumn and winter, and along with this, quite difficult for me to find ways to enjoy the miserable clouds, pouring rain and general dullness. 
but i was thinking about it today, and discovered there's actually some really beautiful things about winter, which you just can't experience in any other season. the sound of rain pitter-pattering on our tin roof, the joy of snuggling up in bed with your loved one, the delicious internal warmth from a hot chocolate - with marshmallows! - and the coziness of a big oversized knit, shearling boots or a thick chunky scarf and beanie. 

and my personal favourite for beating the bitter chill of winter.. a hot cup of tea! 

my exciting announcement.

drum roll pleaaaaseeee... i got the internship with fuzzy! i'll be surrounding myself in music festival madness for the rest of the year and i'm feeling so lucky and privileged to be involved with a fun loving company such as fuzzy. and i have a title - hr and events intern. makes me feel kind of important, and yet i'm at the bottom of the food chain but i don't even care! this is far too exciting! on a different note... is it sad that the thing i'm stressing about most, is what i'll be wearing for those 2 days each week?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

clean space.

everyone has a festish. and i'm prepared to release mine into this big bad blogging world. sorry, it's not juicy or completely outrageous, it's really simple - neutral bedrooms. whitewashed floorboards, cream walls, exposed roof beams and canopy beds, completely immersed in whites and creams and a flurry of silk, cotton and fur in ruffles and crinkles and sleek materials. i've collected so many photos of my ideal bedroom over the years, and am finally well on my way to receiving my most coveted item - a canopy bed, enveloped in sheer white flowing waves. bliss. 

furry business.

well, the cold weather has officially hit sydney. with a thunderstorm this afternoon, and rain expected for the rest of the week, it's time to unearth the jackets and coats and get rugged up! and what better way than fur. for me, this is strictly faux. i couldn't possibly buy real, my moral obligations are far too rigid to buy the fur of a little animal. but the faux these days is so impeccably beautiful and the differences between real and faux are so minimal that i don't know why you'd bother buying the real.

we heart it.

pretty polished.

i've been loving pretty nails lately, they make an outfit look so polished (excuse the pun) and add a feminine touch. i think my new OPI nail polishes have been inspiring me, and i've been scouring ebay for some lovely new shades. i'm loving baby blue, rich purples, sunshine yellows and shiny metallics.

we heart it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

feck it - life is good.

don't you love it when you're feeling like doors are opening left right and centre, and you've got some stuff going on that makes you feel good about yourself, and everything is basically on track and life is looking real pretty? i'm going through that right now, for three main reasons:

1. i bought my tony bianco's. THEY. ARE. WOWZERS. no like seriously, i enjoy their company so much that i've lost my use of respectable english and just included the word wowzers. losing my bananas over them.

2. i had a second interview with fuzzy today. SECOND. as in, i beat hundreds of people, and it is now down to me, and another person, for an internship with one of the most incredible australian companies who create phenomenal, out of this world music festivals and events. (i find out if i've got it on wednesday!)

3. another purchase - my stylestalker jacket. you know the one i talked about a little while ago, and said it shouldn't even be called a jacket because it's too amazing. i totally stick by that statement. so hot. and i got it cheap as chips - thankyou ebay, you have done well by me again.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


if there's one thing i can't stand to spend excessive amounts of money on, it's accessories i wear to add pretty and unique touches to my outfits. don't get me wrong, i have my everyday, sentimental jewellery - graduation ring, my bracelet and ring from my boyfriend, but when it comes to cocktail rings, chunky bracelets and long chain necklaces, i like to budget. some of my favourite pieces of jewellery have cost me less than $30 and lasted me forever. but one of my absolute favourite choices at the moment are cuffs. they can be delicate or tough and add instant glam to an ordinary outfit. today i wore black leggings, a black singlet and ruby red cardigan; overall kinda boring. but i added a glamorous gold and black stoned cuff, with a cocktail ring, and it instantly updated the outfit and made it a bit spesh. these are three of my favourites at the moment.. i own all of them!
Sportsgirl - Current Season

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


i finally have some time on my hands to dedicate to this little blog of mine, and to start off with i've got something exciting. i've come up with a brand new feature for my blog which is going to become quite prominent and hopefully you lovely followers will enjoy it. now i don't know about you, but as a university student with a part-time job i'm kinda low in the funds department. actually, i'm really low. there are so many beautiful pieces of clothing out there which i would love to get my hands on, but if i actually want to live and enjoy a social life, my shopping purchases have to be limited until i figure out how to grow a money tree. so due to this dilemma of mine, i thought i'd put together a trend post each week, made from brands that i love and can actually afford. they're on trend pieces which are not only versatile, but investment pieces which don't cost much to begin with, and all keeping you on trend so you look like your part of the it crowd, but secretly on one hell of a measly budget. i'll list the price of each item, where it's from and give you a few suggestions on different ways to wear them. so here goes the first styledup post!
Fuzzy Knit - $89.95

Intarsia Rainbow Coat - $119.95

Fuzzy Boyfriend Sweater - $79.95

Cable Trapeze Poncho - $89.95

Open Weave Knit - $89.95
Neon Hart for General Pants Co

Chadwick Knit - $89.95
Alice in the Eve for General Pants Co.

Knitted Oatmeal Cable Poncho - $58

Knitted Rose Open Stitch Top - $46
knits this season have been phenomenal. there are so many to choose from, but these are a few of my favourites. i love the slouchy style because they're perfect for throwing over everything - their versatility is incredible. i can wear a chunky knit with some jeans to uni, and then throw on a tight skirt with some stockings and heels and it's instantly nightwear. i recommend buying a colour you feel comfortable in - i love whites/creams/caramels, and you'll find it goes with everything in your wardrobe.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

on a rollercoaster.

i can't get over the way that my life is flying right now. i'm about to finish my diploma, i've got a potential internship at fuzzy (hello dream job) and the latest news? i've got an interview on tuesday with sportsgirl for a part time position. seriously, i love moments like this. doors keep opening for me and i feel like after so much pursuing and persevering, life's actually starting to give me the rewards for all that work. 
it's just proof that when you really want something, and you really put the work in, 
the reward will be waiting for you. x

ps. i went into the fuzzy office this morning to drop off the guidebook they assigned us. i also baked them cookies. 
please love me fuzzy, i gave you cookies, i gave you a lovely guidebook... 

Monday, May 9, 2011

so right in every way.

how does christine centenera do it every single time? 
seriously, i've never seen anyone have so much outfit perfection at a consistent level. 
she can do no wrong.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

favourite saving.

one of my favourite things of recent times, are fashion websites that give you the option to save your favourite pieces. asos & topshop both save your shopping bag, and general pants have recently given me the option to create a 'most wanted' list once you create an account with them. easy peasy, and i'm absolutely loving it. (i'm dying for sportsgirl to do this - their favourites option is great but your list disappears when you close the page). 
general pants co really do some great stuff, all year round. they definitely do perfect festival gear - i don't think there's a store that does it better - but they also have some awesome clothing, shoes & accessories for everything you could think of. 
but most of all, i've found that they really epitomise my style. overall, it's casual and chilled, but the basics are surrounded by pieces which you can throw on to give it this edgy vibe and make it a bit more stylish. it's how i love to dress. i have never been able to bring myself to dress in loud colours. essentially, it comes down to the fact that i do love my basics, and there's nothing i like more than adding something a bit edgy & different to a basic shirt or skirt. my personal flair. so thought i'd share some of the beautiful clothing in my most wanted at gp right now.

alice in the eve.

the cassette society.

neon hart.


the cassette society.
alice in the eve.

don't ask amanda.

agent ninetynine.

i want this collaboration for winter. 
floral maxi, pixie boots, a beautiful knit & a wine coloured hat.