Tuesday, August 30, 2011

style inspiration


jessica alba is without a doubt one of my biggest style inspirations. she dresses with a 'timeless chic' vibe, always looking feminine and is a huge fan of dresses with beautiful draping which tends to make her look like a complete and utter goddess. as of late, i've also noticed she (or her stylist) have become a huge fan of the statement necklace, and i love it. she's completely convinced me that they can make such a beautiful impact on any kind of outfit, especially when you co-ordinate the style of necklace with the neckline of what you're wearing. i've just bought two gorgeous ones from sportsgirl, but if you have any suggestions on some pretty ones out and about at the moment, please let me know!

Monday, August 29, 2011


we heart it

the epitome of bombshell beauty - miss adriana lima.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

colour pop

sportsgirl & nasty gal

slowly but surely introducing colour into my wardrobe for the warmer weather. it is SUCH a beautiful day in sydney. i'm just about to venture outside to get some sun - oh tan how i've missed you - and while i'm out there i'll capture a shot of the sky, it's such a pretty blue today. i'm going out and about tonight with a fancy new dress and fancy new shoes. ones which my followers will be all too familiar with.. oh yes, i made some purchases which i'm very excited to premiere tonight, and photos will follow shortly!

it girl

we heart it

loving miss bingle at the moment. hair, hat, and her fabulous new sunnies collection for roc. she can do no wrong by me.


the sartorialist

i'm loving converse ever since i got back from new york. there are so many girls there rocking their connies in ways that i never imagined, but after spending two weeks there i understand the importance of a comfortable shoe - all you do is walk, walk, walk! the wonderful ny girls also completely changed my opinion on connies with a dress. it looks awesome; so city chic.

lusting over

the benah nico bag. please oh please, somebody buy me this little beauty?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

first sign of summer..

we heart it

...is when the price of strawberries drops! greedily enjoying a whole punnet to myself right now. yummmmmmmmmmmm!

run forest run

google images

i've grown up in a household which has placed a huge emphasis on the importance of nurturing yourself, and only recently have i truly understood what this means. it means reading the signs your body gives you - and seriously, it's not that hard if you're just AWARE - your body gives you an incredible amount of signals!! - for me, this means i've changed from processed breads to sourdough to prevent getting bloated, cut sugar out of my diet to prevent eczema, lessened my meat intake, and understand that i need to start my day with a huge breakfast to stop myself from going on an afternoon sugar slump.

but the other important aspect to nurturing yourself is exercise. and exercise i struggle with. it's not that i don't enjoy it, it's the 'getting me off my bum and doing some' part that drives me nuts! but recently i've started to realise how important it is to have some inspiration, especially with summer looming and a fairly untoned body thanks to winter hibernation (ugh). so i decided to do some research into some women that i think have beautiful bodies because they're healthy and fit and still have some curves, which resulted in one person in particular - lara bingle. i follow her on twitter and she regularly comments on her love/hate relationship with the training she does, but with a body like hers, it's motivated me and made me realise it's so worth it. she portrays such confidence in herself, she still has ladylike curves and she embodies a healthy lifestyle.

i've been going two weeks strong thanks to some inspiring pics of ms bingle, a killer workout playlist and some serious dedication to beach runs and workouts - which i've actually started loving! summer body here i come... but boy can i feel the soreness from that run this morning already..

following up

we heart it

so after i finished my post below, i found this photo. this outfit is me, in a nutshell. the perfect summer outfit. 
- worn in denim shorts
- the most fantastic oversized, flowy white shirt
- stacks of jewellery
- messy beach hair
- neutral bag. 
add my new felt fedora and some cute sandals to the mix and you've essentially got my perfect outfit for the warmer weather. love.

Friday, August 26, 2011

the uniform

so as i said previously, the thoroughly enjoyable warm weather that's descended on sydney at the moment has me thinking about summer approaching. we're only a mere few days off spring time and i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED. please take note of all the o's there, because i meant every single one of their exaggerated goodness. 

back to the point though, the warm weather has me thinking about my summer wardrobe, and whilst i want to make it more interesting and a bit different to my usual choices, it doesn't change the fact i'll be jumping back into my favourite thing in the world: denim shorts. oh yes, i adore denim shorts. i'm very picky about the ones i like, but when i like a pair i will buy them instantly, purely because i know that when it comes to my fashion choices, denim shorts will always be a purchase which is worn to the 'nth degree. i own about 5 pairs by one teaspoon (and they've just released some of the new collection.. uh oh) and i wear them all like absolute crazy. for me the biggest decision is what to wear with them; belts? blouse? t shirt? necklaces? bracelet? sandals? heels? so i've been doing some research (read: scrolling through we heart it) and i'm keeping these cute looks in mind.

we heart it

forward thinking

coco palms

so, granted that i am 20 years old and nowhere near marriage just yet, some may say i'm getting a little ahead of myself with the statement i'm about to make. never the less, this is where i plan to stay on my honeymoon. isn't it the most incredible, special, romantic looking place? 
so to my future husband, fyi we're staying on the island of dhuni kolhu, at the coco palms in the maldives. 
in a luxury lagoon villa, of course.


the two favourites: pt 2

modern legacy

so part two to my 'two favourite blogs' is the gorgeous kaitlyn from modern legacy. this girl and i click. seriously, i feel like i know her. her blog is a combination of outfit posts, and a few of new collections from various labels, but there are two things in particular i adore about her.
one: our taste in clothing is on the same page. if i don't already own something which is incredibly similar to what she's wearing (which seems to have been often), then i generally want to own something very similar. asap. she is the person i am turning to for essentially all my fashion inspiration at the moment, and her hair is to. die. for! love.
two: this is an aspect of her blog that i really truly love - she wears labels i can afford. and makes them look expensive and cool and impeccably on trend. sportsgirl and minkpink and some vintage thrown in the mix, with the occasional designer. our wardrobe's are the same and i love that i can turn to her blog for an idea on how to wear a top i picked up at sportsgirl on the weekend, knowing she'll have something similar but will have put her own little unique twist on it. 

the two favourites: pt 1

spell & the gypsy

there's nothing i love more than sharing my favourite blogs. they change continuously along with my tastes but they're always beautiful creations, and the first thing i turn too when i need some fashion inspiration. there's two which i've been absolutely loving at the moment - the first being spell & the gypsy. it's powered by two irresistably gorgeous sisters who have the most impeccable taste for everything and anything with a gypsy/boho/indie/beachy theme. just think along the lines of feathers, silks, leather and beat up jewellery which looks like it's been worn for years - in that i'm effortlessly cool, perfect way. they're also byron bay girls (yay) who own a fantastic label called spell, which you should check out if you want to look completely and utterly summer ready. it's full of kimono's, jewellery, bags and shoes, and it'll inspire the indie chick in you, guaranteed.


we heart it

yum yum yum

hat, shirt, shorts & necklace - sportsgirl, boots - topshop

so it might be fair to say the 26 degree weather got to me today, and therefore i decided to go on a shopping spree, for the most fantastic pair of sheer shorts that i've laid my eyes on, an equally flowy sheer shirt with very pretty metallic buttons, a lovely drapey blush coloured statement necklace, a felt panama hat (FOR $13.95!!!!!!!!!!!) and some very cute, on trend chelsea boots. as usual, getting far too ahead of myself because i'm pretty sure it's supposed to be raining this weekend. but spring is a mere 5 days a way, and i can't even explain how exciting this is! so for now i sit in wait, for my delicious goodies to arrive in the post. woo hoo!

biatch, it's mine!

so let me start this with a confession. i love the kardashians. i think they're gorgeous and funny and despite the ditzy demeanours, they're incredibly intelligent with what can only be described as self built empires. i adore kourtney's style, but khloe's personality is without a doubt my favourite. kim? well, kim is kim. love her all the same. but i'm pissed at her at the moment. why? well, i was hanging out for her wedding photos to appear - dying to know what she wore and how she accessorised and the make up and hair and everything! and then i saw, and i saw red. because around her head, was a beautiful head piece! which is what i want to wear at my wedding - it's what my grandmother and mother both wore in sri lankan tradition, and i think it's an incredibly beautiful, exotic touch. so now, my problem with kimmy, is that everyone is going to be doing the headpiece thing just like her. and will think that i'm being a copy cat. (no i'm not engaged or anything, but i've had my wedding planned for like.. 10 years.) 

although mine is much prettier, and very similar to the stunning one below.
so i'll outshine you kardashian, you just wait and see!

we heart it

Thursday, August 25, 2011

if you go down to the woods today..

ell by erin louise

this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful photo shoots i've ever seen. it encapsulates the word whimsical and makes me think of butterflies, fairies and being 5 years old again, yet it's so glamorously grown up that you just don't quite know what to make of it, except that it's so god damn pretty.
i've had the privlidge of watching erin louise grow as a designer, and this wonderful collection of formal dresses is for her spin off label 'ell', which i highly recomend checking out if you have a formal/wedding/ball/prince charming approaching sometime in the near future.

it's also worthy mentioning that not only are the clothes beautiful, but this shoot itself embodies some diverse talent. whilst erin is responsible for the gorgeous dresses, luisa brimble is the photographer and her work is fantastic. she has such an eye for detail and it's a significant aspect of these gorgeous shots which can't be disregarded. take the time to have a look at both erin louise and luisa brimble's work. you won't be disappointed!