Wednesday, June 1, 2011

brunette's do it better.

so as a natural brunette with naturally tanned skin and therefore a lack of options with my hair, i have always been a strong advocate that brunette's are way hotter, and can rock the exotic brunette look better than a blonde can pull off the sexy blonde look. the only problem i've encountered, is that due to the combination of dark locks and skin, it means i'm very limited with colour. to be honest, i don't want to colour. so, it's all about the styling. and up until a little while ago, that consisted of dead straight length with a ghd straightener permanently in tow and some seriously heat damaged hair. but as of late, i've started loving the tousled, semi wavy, i've-just-been-for-a-swim-in-the-surf-and-now-i'm-a-beach-goddess look. it's so gorgeous, so exotic and so perfect with a tan and piles of gold jewellery. utterly gorgeous.
style note: if you're loving this look - HIGHLY RECOMMEND bumble&bumble surf spray.

we heart it

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