Wednesday, October 10, 2012

hat swag


i've never been much of a hat person, but lately i've found quite a few that have been catching my eye. not enough to make a purchase just yet, but enough for me to take a second glance and consider the possibility. this was all until i laid eyes on these divine zimmermann caps. aren't they gorgeous? i'm thinking of getting one in the floral and one in the leopard print - if that doesn't show you how much i love them then nothing will! and they're only $45. not a bad price point for a gorgeous zimmermann print that i can envision myself wearing all through summer. my uniform during summer is denim shorts, sandals and a white muscle tee, but i can see these gorgeous caps adding a very special something to my favourite combination. 


jessica konstantinos said...

i think i might run out and buy one of these now!

loving your blog!!!


Nina Richards. thirteen little loves. said...

Could you describe my fav summer outfit anymore precisely: denim shorts, sandals and white tee! Never found a more perfect combination.
I am thinking I need a hat too, these are amaze!
♥ ♥