Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big dreams.. coming true!


This is an exciting news post, so prepare yourself!! Ready? I have been given the most exciting opportunity to work with a breakfast radio team. It's essentially my dream job, the job I have always wanted and the start to the career that I have dreamt about for years. I've always had a passion for radio production and now I'm getting the chance to be a part of it! Beyond excited. Although the 4am starts will be interesting..

I decided to buy myself a congratulatory present in the form of a rose gold watch. I've always favoured the Marc Jacobs ones over the Michael Kors ones. Not really sure why, their aesthetic has always had a far greater appeal. I've always struggled with watches because I have incredibly small wrists thanks to my genetics, but these two have captured me. Now I'm stuck on which one to get.. so I need your help! Which one do you prefer? Top (large blade) or bottom (henry glitz)?


Laura said...

I purchased a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch off shopbop just last week! and I totally agree with you, they certainly have a far great aesthetic appeal then the Michael Kors.
Even though they're both beautiful, I think that the bottom one would be my choice if I was you
Also, love your blog! x

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job!
I like the top one. I have the Silver Michael Kors oversized runway watch and get so many compliments on it :)