Saturday, January 12, 2013

winter commandments 2013.

Today I’ve been enjoying a day off at home, perusing the Internet whilst my boyfriend is away with his family in Melbourne and my family has ventured out for the day. As I investigated the new arrivals of some of my favourite brands, I noticed that so many of the Australian companies have started releasing winter collections, with some beautiful knits and prints. Whilst this saddens me (I’m a summer girl at heart) it’s also nice to sit here in the sun and think about what I want to wear this autumn-winter season. I struggle with dressing for the colder months, especially considering Sydney’s winters aren’t all that wintery most of the time! Its temperamental nature tends to drive me nuts, consisting of drizzly days and a brisk chill at the beginning and end of each day – no white winters in sight! Therefore, despite the non-wintery winter we have, I’ve decided to write my 6 winter commandments; a guideline of pieces that I’m going to vow to wear more of during the cold season.

Commandment 1: Thou shalt expand ones denim collection
I have a pathetic collection of jeans. Honestly, I have a black pair that is now grey from over washing and over wear (ewww) a dark denim pair (that desperately need to be hemmed) and a white pair (white + chloe = disaster zone).

Commandment 2: Thou shalt wear a variety of knits
I have plenty of knits but they are all the same shape; boxy, comfy and oversized. I realize there is nothing wrong with this, but with so many gorgeous different shapes around, I’m vowing to try out some new shapes. Dying for that cream poncho from Country Road!

Commandment 3: Thou shalt venture into winter headware
I’ve recently fallen in love with a beautiful hat company called Lack of Color (feature post coming soon) and after talking with owner Tess, can’t wait to see what they produce for the colder months. They’re thinking beautiful winter tones like navy, camel and deep jewel colors. I already love my lilac one for summer, so I’ll be investing in some of these to keep my head warm in winter.

Commandment 4: Thou shalt buy more of, but more importantly CARE for, boots
Boots and I have a love hate relationship. I LOVE BOOTS. Boots on the other hand, don’t like me very much, because I am so horrifically careless with them. I never waterproof and I tend to thrash them, out of pure laziness or excitement to wear. So each season, I’m left buying new boots as my old ones look like trash. Therefore, this season I vow to buy lots of new boots which I will love tenderly, and to never ever ever wear them before waterproofing.

Commandment 5: Thou shalt embrace faux fur
I’ve always struggled with fur… have always loved the way it looked, however kind of felt like it made me look like a hooker-ghetto-pimp. So rather than going all out on the fur trend with a coat, I’ve decided to embrace it in smaller touches – like a flowy faux fur vest or scarf.

Commandment 6: Thou shalt invest in quality outerwear
Last year, I bought my first coat. A proper, double breasted tie at the waist black coat from Bardot and I absolutely loved it. Wore it everyday after I got it and hence it is now looking a ‘little’ worse for wear. I’m dying to rapidly expand my coat collection, but I’ve decided this season I will limit it to two. A trench and a black coat to replace my Bardot one, from a high end label that will cost me an arm and a leg but will last me a lifetime. My mum has coats that have been around for years, and the ones that last have always cost her a little more than she’d like but have been worth the investment. Bring on the coat season!

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