Friday, December 9, 2011

friday fun

we heart it, they all hate us, l bingle twitter

i've been a bit off the planet lately! obviously working in retail is insane in the membrane at this time of the year, but just to add to the absolute madness is the following: 
- my internships festivals occur over new years eve and new years day (i should be admitted to a mental institution) 
- my boyfriend has acquired a bar job, meaning our rosters are far from friendly right now
- my birthday is next weekend, and i have some how ended up with two parties
- i need to do so much christmas shopping this year that it seems to be a bit of a joke
- i'm desperately trying to find some decent accommodation in hawaii which doesn't cost the earth

hence my lack of posting.
however, don't think i have been abandoning you. i've been coming up with some great ideas which i'm going to use to completely re-invent my dawn till dusk. including outfit posts! because everyone loves a good outfit post! so please forgive me & stay tuned.

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le sorelle said...

Totally love that shot of Miranda and Orlando in the limo! Too cute! :)