Tuesday, January 3, 2012


man oh man what a crazy way to end the year! i've been working ridiculous hours in my retail job leading up to christmas, and as most of you know i was interning for fuzzy, the incredible company that put together some of australia's most iconic music festivals, and therefore bringing in the new year was insanely hectic as i worked with the team on shore thing and field day! i was on site at 10am on nye, worked through till 3am and got about 4 hours sleep before i had to be up again and on site at field day to work until 11.30pm! but it was so much fun, and field day has and always will be my favourite festival, with new years day being no disappointment. fair to say i was a bit of a mess yesterday (i've never felt so groggy and horrible), however i'm feeling reasonably normal today and this beautiful sydney weather is definitely helping.on another note, i got absolutely spoilt rotten for my 21st birthday and christmas, and i'll be sure to post some photos of my pressies later on. 
hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and new year celebrations!

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