Sunday, May 13, 2012

mothers day

photos by me

i'm completely aware of the fact that i've been awol, unfortunately uni has just gotten the better of me. while it's generally amazing that my communications degree has no exams, the downside is that i'm thrashed with assignments throughout the semester! i think out of 14 weeks i end up having 2 weeks without an assignment due. gross. but it's meant that i've saved LOTS of money - except i just placed a very exciting topshop order - and have been getting some quality time with my family and boyfriend instead of going out and socialising, which has actually made for a very peaceful, relaxing time. on another note.. how gorgeous is my godson? the first photo is my grandmother with the him and myself (her eldest & youngest grandkids) and the second is myself and the little monster. the third photo is my gorgeous mumma on her birthday with her croquembouche cake, it was absolutely incredible and so delicious. and lastly but not least, our mother's day brunch! there's nothing better than carrot cake, sourdough, piles of croissants and freshly squeezed juice. hope everyone is having a great mother's day and all the mummy's are getting spoilt rotten! 

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