Friday, May 25, 2012

wedding bells

lifestyled by paula joye

I realise this is my second wedding related post this week (and nope, still not trying to tell you I'm getting married) but I couldn't NOT post this. I should preface this by saying I have a really weird girl-crush on Justine Cullen, editor of Shop Till You Drop. I just think she's amazing and gorgeous and talented and dedicated and so cool. She also has an awesome tumblr AND she named her two boys Milo & Iggy. Again, so cool it hurts. Moving right along before I sound like an obsessed freak.. i'm subscribed to the most wonderful online mag called lifestyled and received an email documenting Justine's wedding. 


This is the wedding I've been envisioning for years and after scrolling through photo after photo, I was literally crying out with envy. She wore the perfect drapey dress with loose curls and effortlessly natural make-up, everywhere was overflowing with flowers and there was so much from etsy that I was essentially having a heart attack. I can't even describe so I'm just going to link you here so that you can go look for yourself and see what I mean.


Michelle's Style File said...

This wedding is SO beautiful!!


Teresa said...

What a gorgeous wedding! Beautiful pictures and the couple are mighty good-looking themselves. Probably one of the loveliest outdoor weddings I've seen.