Wednesday, June 13, 2012

make up mayhem

oh my gosh, i have never been working so much in my life! the plus side to having no exams is the fantastic fact that i am getting PLENTY of shifts at work while everyone else is studying their little hearts out. i'm raking in the moolah! i've been meaning to post these pictures for awhile, i stumbled across them on one of the blogs i follow (and i'm being a really bad blogger today and have completely forgotten where i got them from) but something about them completely resonated with me. i've really been getting into basic, everyday make up looks lately, which is a new thing for me as i have never, ever been the type of girl who wears make up on a daily basis. i've never really needed too and i've never known how to apply it properly, so it's just been a neglected aspect of my life. 

however, i've since discovered some products and tips which have changed my world! if you haven't tried a BB cream, get out there and do yourself a favour. i've got the Garnier BB cream and it is phenomenal. it looks super dooper dewy when you first apply it (i got a bit scared) but it sinks in after a minute or two and looks FLAWLESS! i can't even explain how fantastic the coverage is. just blends right in! i've also been loving chocolate brown liners instead of black - great for daytime looks - and the phenomenal work a pretty lipstick can do.

and i guess that's what attracted me to these images.. the first one with that amazing pop of pink on her lips - such a fresh look! and the second one is definitely something i want to try.. really basic, nothing too flashy but it just looks so effortlessly natural, right? 

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