Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hot legs.

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in summer, i'm going to be a brunette candice swanepoel. all tanned and leggy with peachy bronze make up and wearing strappy heels with sheer white button ups and metallic jacquard short shorts. seriously, i bought them from topshop the other day, so seeing this made me incredibly excited. i know i'm supposed to be focusing on winter right now.. but my eczema is flaring up thanks to all the heating drying out my skin and rain is just incredibly annoying. don't get me wrong, winter has it's pretty days, like the one today if you're in sydney.. it's crisp but the sun's out and it's beautiful blue skies with a slight breeze. but when you work for a company that put's it's heart and soul into everything summer and you're getting so pale that there's no differentiation between the colour of your behind and the rest of your skin (don't pretend you don't know what i'm talking about.. winter's officially hit when you're the same colour all over). so for now, i'll sit here contently in my mint coloured knit and chunky gold bracelets, dreaming about lacey short shorts and tans and beach hair and neon nails.



Hahaha you are funny! God damn I wish I had her pins! We can dream, right? x

Anonymous said...

Her pins are so AMAZE!!!
I know what you mean - winter = yukky skin and breakouts :( Bring on summer!! x


I V Y said...

well this makes me a bit depressed. in a good way. haha.