Saturday, February 2, 2013

wedding fever

I've always been a sucker for weddings. The concept of eternal love, the excitement of the lead-up, the debacle of the big day, the peaceful nature of the 'firsts' between husband and wife... all the gooeyness tends to make me blissfully happy. I happened to attend my parents wedding (I was born in December, they got married the following October), one of my favourite movies is and always will be The Wedding Planner and I've been a flower girls more times than I can count, therefore I feel that you can't blame me for my obsession with all that is a wedding. As I've grown older, I've encountered my perfect wedding gowns, locations, flowers and so forth, but nothing - NOTHING - topped the day that I stumbled across the first pictures of Rebecca Judd in her wedding gown. She was flawless, elegant and provided me with my first proper introduction to the J'Aton boys; heart = serious flutter! So when she began her blog just a month or two ago, I was over the moon to see that she had a section dedicated to weddings. If you're a wedding fanatic like me you have to go check it out, you'll love it. You'll stare and stare and stare. Her wedding was perfection because of her ridiculous eye for detailing - all the essential factors were spot on. Whilst out at lunch with my girlfriends the other day, it struck us that the next big parties in our lives will be the weddings within our group. Weddings and 30th's - how crazy is that? So I figure it really isn't that unreasonable for me to be finalising the details of my wedding now. It'll be comforting to know that I have everything sorted, right down to the Lady Peep Strass Louboutins on my french manicured toes (too much?)

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