Sunday, February 6, 2011

shopaholic syndrome.

i have a confession to make. it's taken a long time to admit this, and not only to admit, but to accept that i actually like this side of me.

i am a fashion addict.

ugh i feel like a reaking fashionista trend follower just typing it, and it's cliched and makes me sound completely and utterly ditzy, but i love everything about clothing. that feeling when you're browsing through a shop, or online, and you set your eyes on that piece you've been dreaming about. you were never really sure what it was until now, and now that you've laid eyes on it, nothing will get in your way. and then there's the added bonus on the odd occasion, where it is on sale. and you just know you need to have it because you've already listed 5 things in your wardrobe which it would make look ten times BETTER.

no one can deny that when you have a fantastic outfit on, which makes you feel great, that you give off a self confidence like no other. it's why i'm happy that i love clothing and i don't feel guilty about buying myself new things.

i also have to admit, that everything is better when you learn about what you like, and match it with your body type. don't be afraid to ask your loved ones what they really think. i've come to understand that the two people i can trust wholeheartedly in my fashion decisions are my mum & boyfriend. they'll give it to me straight and i love that about them.

so the next time you're in the shops and having a dilemma about whether you should make a little splurge and buy something nice for yourself, do it. and don't feel guilty, you're just treating yourself for being you. xx

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