Wednesday, February 2, 2011


sportsgirl have been doing wondrous things to me as of recent times. i have to admit, they really do winter trends well, and i find i get most of my winter wardrobe from sportsgirl. i just had a peek at their most recent look-book, and they have all the upcoming trends covered perfectly, and best of all; within a half decent budget. they're also really great with getting back to you when you enquire about a piece of clothing, such as when it will be in, or how much it will cost. they really seem to have all bases covered and i'll be spending my income there over the next few months for sure. some of what i am lovvvving...

knee high boots & leopard print cape.

leather jacket & floral leggings.

chunky hoodie & sheepskin boots.

knitted cape & leather pants.

fur vest & cut-out stockings.

i'm seriously impressed.
for more, you can check out their winter 2011 style guide video. it's gorgeous!

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