Saturday, January 28, 2012

tropical vacation

general pants co/sportsgirl

just a little mood board of the clothes i envision myself wearing on my hawaiian holiday... comfy t's, short shorts, flowy dresses and extravagant accessories.. yep, i'm getting ridiculously excited now! swimming with the dolphins, paddle boarding, a day trip to pipeline, a hawaiian luau, a day long trip to ala moana shopping centre - helloooo sephora.. life is looking pretty good!


Kaitlyn said...

Wow, once again our styles have intersected because I am planning to buy that exact hat from General Pants Co on Monday, haha. Love that colour! Oh and sorry for the late response, but my white nail polish is "White On White" by Revlon. It beats OPI for me in application, though I think any white nail polish takes a little time to get right. I'm obsessed with it though :) x

nicole said...

Love that hat, the colour is amazing!