Monday, February 27, 2012

aloha, sneak peak

alohaa! got back from hawaii yesterday afternoon after spending 10 beautiful days in waikiki. i've got a tan which resembles the sydney summers i remember (i don't know what has happened to summer this year. hiatus or something?) and as you can see, i did plenty of shopping! michael kors and i had quite the love affair, and i may have had some little flings with sephora & victoria's secret on the side. will post my new purchases tomorrow as i'm currently at uni sitting my first lecture of the year! talk about getting straight back into the swing of things.. lord help me!


Fabliha said...

damn I cant wait to see whats inside all those bags! I am so so so so jealous.

hannah-rose said...

sees candies!!! yeah you did shloe!! what did you get what did you get??? scotchmallow is my fave I hoped you picked up some of that.

ps. JESUS shloe this is a good haul!