Wednesday, July 4, 2012


we heart it

I'd like to start this post by apologising. I'm sincerely sorry if these images have made you feel cold, I'm completely aware of the fact that looking at pictures of shorts or a bikini is not particularly enticing at this time of the year. But the point of this post is to prepare you for one that I have coming up. As most of you would know, I work for Seafolly and when you work for a company that revolves around the brilliance of summer, you can't help but get hyped up by their vibe. So, to prepare you all for the onslaught of summery goodness I have in the next post, I thought I'd provide a lovely little summary of all the things I love about the season. For me, summer is gelato, bright pops of colour, smoothies, beach hair, denim shorts, summer fruit, fresh lemonade and of course, bikini's! It smells of salt water, coconut, BBQ's and moroccan oil. Everything's brighter, the days last longer and the joy of the holidays is completely electric through the air. 
Wait till you see what Seafolly's got coming.. Behati Prinsloo (above) in the shimmer macrame bikini is such a stunner. The first summer drop has well and truly hit stores and the campaign previews have been brilliant. Can't wait to show you what I've got planned!


dani said...

This post actually made me so happy. Can't wait to get back to the beach!! xx

alannah. said...

i got hit by the biggest wave of sadness this morning when i saw a tonne of july 4 posts coming out of america cos everyone is all tan & in swimmers/short shorts so i was like :(
& now this haha! but hot damn am i keen for bikini season again. especially since I'm going to bali in the first week of sept :) x

Bec said...

awwww yeah! Hurry up summer! xx

Sisko (formerly Show Pony) said...

Love this post! I regularly post summer images to get me through the long Melbourne winter! haha

Jess xx