Saturday, January 22, 2011

fresh buys.

i've been doing a bit of online shopping lately and i've actually been quite proud of the purchases i've made.
i'm trying to focus on buying investment pieces - stuff that i know i'm going to wear for awhile and that goes with everything, so i can spend a bit more on them and splurge a little on some good quality clothing. anyway, thought i'd share some of them with youuuuu..

GRAB leather mini skirt:
This little baby was on ebay and it's exactly what i've been looking for. It's real leather and ended up being $40. My perfect little bargain for summer & winter.

Tony Bianco booties:
These are on pre-order. They were on the pricey side for my budget but they're too incredible to pass off... i'm a sucker for suede, and i'll admit, they're pretty versatile.

Rezrekshn faux fur vest:
Rezrekshn sells a lot through victoria's secret, and this vest was on sale for $69. Fur is going to be one of the biggest trends this winter so it had to be purchased in preparation for the cold!
If i'm going to have to suffer in the cold, at least i'll be warm and cosy in it.

Sportsgirl leggings:
I hate leggings worn as pants as much the next style conscious member of society, and so please do these gorgeous statement leggings a favour and wear them with a dress. Or an oversized tee. Or something which covers your ass. Because these are too pretty to be messed around with. The cut outs are well designed and it looks great with an oversized jumper.

Sportsgirl shirt:
Last, but certainly not least, is this white shirt. It's cotton, and designed to be a little crinkled, but since I have gotten it I haven't stopped wearing it. It literally goes with everything. My new favourite outfit: pairing it with my leather mini and black suede wedges.
And yes, I may have also bought it in nude and khaki colourways.
It just couldn't be helped.

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