Thursday, March 3, 2011

mail loving.

to my complete and utter surprise, i received my victoria's secret parcel in the post today! the perfect thing to cheer me up as i was having a pretty crappy day (film studies is a killer boredom class - i spent most of it browsing other pretty blogs and adapting some creative ideas for my own).

back to victoria's secret though - my beautiful fur vest is finally here! and oh my, it is going to get a serious workout this winter. it's faux, but oh so luscious, and i'm stroking it the way i stroked my kitten when i first got her, and considering giving my vest a name. i don't know if that's wrong..

it's premiere outing will be to a friend's 21st. she's themed it 'international cocktail' and gave everyone a country to dress up as. my boy and i got antarctica, which we thought was an impossible task at first, however after giving it some thought i came up with some half decent options... i'm going as a fur seal. yeah, what of it!

one shoulder dress - american apparel
beanie - general pants co
necklace - vintage
faux fur vest - victoria's secret

i am about to buy the most intensely gorgeous black suede moccasin booties to wear with this outfit. will post them up when i've made the purchase from sportsgirl!

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