Monday, March 7, 2011

stalkin' yo style.

one of my absolute favourite brands is stylestalker. they always have pieces which are on trend, but they somehow manage to combine a trend with a classic-ness which makes it this perfect investment piece which you know you'll be able to wear whenever, wherever and forever. i don't think you can ask for much more..

see? pretty sensational stuff if you ask me. clothing you can dress up or dress down but either way you're still gonna look like the hottest thing since freshly popped toast. (yeah i'm aware people don't say that but i'm gonna stick with it.) but this next thing, is sex on a stick.

i don't even want to call it a jacket because it's too exceptional to be thrust in with other regular jackets.
cannot wait until i get this baby off lay-by.
it's leathery and furry and cuddly and my winter will not be the same without it.

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