Wednesday, March 16, 2011


so i feel so cliched and stupid and i realise i'm acting like i'm important here,
but i apologise for not posting for so long.
i've made some exciting developments!

1. i went a bit crazy on the '10% off everything' sportsgirl online sale last night. so i will have some pretty new outfits to show you! i bought a sexy new bag, a unique little accessory (will keep it a secret), and a comfy looking oversized knit.

2. i've made the decision to buy my first DSLR! it's going to take a bit of saving, and i'm currently trying to research and comprehend the language of this new tech world which i have no understanding of whatsoever. (if anyone has any advice, i'm deciding between a Nikon D3100, and a Canon EOS 1000D). but it's really exciting. i've been really getting into the blogosphere - yeah i hate that term too, makes me sound like such a wanker - but i've been learning what attracts me and what doesn't to a blog, and i want to start putting a focus on the outfits i style, and the beautiful clothing i encounter.

so there's a bit of an update from me.
also, check out this blog called aftrDRK.
she's insane in all the right ways - lovingggg her right now.

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