Thursday, September 15, 2011

into the wild

the sartorialist

adore this photo from the sartorialist. i've gone a bit crazy on the whole animal print trend lately, we just got a brand new leopard print bikini in at seafolly and i rather aggressively grabbed it off my manager. i then sheepishly apologised for acting a little looney, and ran into the changerooms to try it on. which was amazeballs. anyway, i also decided i needed myself some leopard print shoes, so picked up some very sexy wedges in a nice deep brown leopard print from glue store for the suhweet price of $89.95 - hence loving life. i've been working like a complete and utter nut case lately but i'm trying to keep the blog posts coming, so please bare with me! i'll have some great ones next week from my anniversary, i have a very special surprise planned for my other half and i'll be sure to share the photos!

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