Saturday, September 3, 2011

you're making me blush

the coveteur/we heart it

some pretty blush tones inspiring my room redecorating process... i've decided on a palette of white, blush and another colour which seems to be escaping me... any suggestions on a third colour which might inject a bit of brightness, but not completely overtake the pretty neutrals themselves?


Jess Tran said...

Mmm, blush makes me excited for Spring.

I'd suggest white, blush perhaps brown? Although that'd still be erring on the side of neutral.

chloe-kiara. said...

yumm, isn't it such a pretty shade? i do like the idea of a beautiful rich chocolate. was also thinking of throwing sky blue in the mix... ugh, decisions decisions!

chloe. xx

alannah. said...

give me that second knit, the third shorts & the last bag. glorious blush. its going to look so good against a summer tan, hurry up summer!!x