Saturday, September 3, 2011

fresh & clean

the coveteur

i've seen these photos on a few blogs and was hesitant to re-post, but they definitely resonated with me when i first saw them, so i thought i'd share why. i have an obsession with spring cleaning at the moment, purely because i'm so frustrated with my room and have come to the conclusion it needs a complete overhaul. i really feel that your room is your space, and it should be a place you go to for comfort and relaxation; to make you feel good. when i saw these photos on the coveteur, of the offices at who what wear, it gave me some serious inspiration for what i could do with my room. i love the blank neutral palette interjected with colours, prints & textures - not only does it allow for you to theme your space according to the way you feel, but it allows you to change it whenever you like. i love the idea of a trans-seasonal room, and i'm looking forward to brightening up my space for the warm spring weather!

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