Thursday, September 1, 2011



this is tulum, mexico. the stylestalker girls have just gotten back from here and i am SO JEALOUS. purely because in july next year, i'll be here and i can't even explain how excited these gorgeous pictures have made me. isn't it just heaven? magarita's on that beach? swimming in that water? strolling on that white sand? oh my...


stylestalker said...

ahh so happy you liked :)

i stayed at piedra escondida. it was really great - such a beautiful view- i especially recommend room 4- it has the best view! the only thing i would say is that the beach that's right in front of the hotel is quite rocky and wavey so i couldnt really swim there. just had to drive about 5 mins to a swimming beach (too hot to walk!) there are lots of hotels on that strip though so check them all out. also you should spend a few days in 'playa del carmen' about 1 hour away. tulum is super quiet and its nice to relax but after a few days you might want a little more action. playa is nice cause its alot of mexican tourists- not like cancun which is AWFUL

hope that helps have a great trip!

chloe-kiara. said...

fantastic thank you so much! will keep all your advice in mind when i'm planning! thanks so much and keep up the work on your incredible blog and the incredible clothes, you girls are amazing!

chloe. xx