Monday, November 14, 2011

simplistic dressing

they all hate us

i saw this outfit on the fabulous blog 'they all hate us' and it instantly caught my attention. i think outfits which are wearable often grab me more than the couture, glamorous side of life. i'm not sure if it's the reality of being able to replicate it and the applicability to my life, but somehow they always catch my eye. this one in particular i just love for it's freshness, the crispness and yet it's delicate and feminine at the same time. i love that, in it's original form, it's quite a masculine look, but when accessorised with the perfect black heel and dainty jewellery it's something quite unique. i've never though of double cuffing before either.. it's quite a lovely concept and i think without it, the look wouldn't be quite as polished as it is. my boyfriend will be pleased to know that this outfit only makes me more determined to 'borrow' the perfect sky blue cotton button up which he has in his wardrobe. thanks baby!


alannah. said...

i completely agree with you! so often i see outfits blogged that are just too crazy or too unwearable to me & they just do not appeal to me because i simply cannot relate to them! thats why i love the likes of girls like lara bingle & miranda kerr who always stick to gorgeous, chic basics.x

Stacee said...

She looks gorgeous!! Funny because my work uniform is a blue shirt and black pants and black shoes...but of course I wouldn't be allowed those shoes, nor the double cuffs!