Monday, November 28, 2011

label feature

 kristi rose

it's been awhile since i've done a feature on a label so i thought i'd share with you one of my favourite up and coming designers. her name is kristi rose and i was actually a few years below her at my old high school, but boy has she come a long way! her beautiful label has developed into something incredible, with some truly gorgeous pieces - it reminds me a little of lover the label with a very unique edgy feel. the collection itself is simplistic at heart, yet it just feels too special to be simple. it's glamorous and the luxury of the fabrics, the subtle sexiness of the occasional open back and the angelic draping (yes, i'm talking about those utterly beautiful palazzo pants) are all stand out features which make this collection difficult to ignore. i love the colour scheme too, it's wearable and personally, it suits me to a T - classic colours which are incredibly versatile. i'm buying the 'you'll have your looks' white dress (last two photos) on wednesday to wear at a friends 21st this weekend and the prospect of wearing it with my mushroom coloured tony biancos is too much to handle - so excited! also on my list: the mulberry jumpsuit, the white silk skirt, the tangerine draped dress and the white high-neck open back top. basically, everything. and best of all, she's opened an online store. get shopping!


Francesca said...

This stuff is so pretty!
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.sabo skirt. said...

Wow! Great blog.. These outfits and photos are amazing!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!