Sunday, November 20, 2011

sunday summary

we heart it / they all hate us

laying back on a sunday night trying to embrace and enjoy the little relaxation time that i've had this week. work has been cray-cray to say the least (so many shifts, and a VERY busy retail period), but in much more exciting news, i'm saving for a holiday! therefore plenty of work means plenty of money to spend on my tropical holiday. i'll be heading to hawaii (ecstatic beyond belief) and i have been once before with my family, but this will be quite a different trip with friends. if anyone has any recommendations on where to go/stay/eat etc, i'd love to hear about it! 


Dark Blue Stripes said...

Great shots. Love the skirt in the first shot.


Dark Blue Stripes

Kaitlyn said...

OMG you're going to HAWAII?? That's my DREAM destination woman!! Oh please please please take lots of piccies so I can live vicariously through you. Wow. Meanwhile, I need those leopard shoes... xx

chloe-kiara. said...

Christie - isn't that skirt great? The detailing is amazing.

Kaitlyn - I'm SO EXCITED! my god i can't wait to head back there. i will make sure to take a bazillion photos for you and will write a huge list of things you must/mustn't do so that when you make it there (which i'm sure you will eventually) you can enjoy it all!
And i'm totally with you on the leopard shoes. I saw a lady wearing them the other day and nearly died of jealousy.