Thursday, November 17, 2011

health attack

they all hate us

i'm sorry, but anyone who calls miss bingle 'fat' has me to deal with and it won't be pretty. i think she's looking hot to trot - it's nice to see a model with some feminine qualities about her, and it's horrifying to think she's had to defend herself after the media used terms such as 'fat' 'overweight' or 'a little too curvy' on this gorgeous young woman. good on you lara, you're a picture of health and from the amount of paparazzi shots of her not only working out but also eating a BALANCED diet (yes, that means pasta is okay guys) i think she's doing everything right. 


dani said...

It's ridiculous that most of the people making such calls don't really have the legs to stand on! If she was a regular nobody everyone would think she looks perfect, but it's like just because she is in the public eye it gives everyone the right to scrutinize her! I definitely would not be able to handle the pressure, so proud of her for taking it so well.

The media are rarely known for sending healthy body image messages to young people either... yuck xx

alannah. said...

omg i couldn't agree more. seriously if part of me died every time i didn't think i was thin enough or tan enough or had good enough skin or hair then i wouldn't be in existence & I'm nowhere near half s pretty as lara so for people to rip into her about her weight?? unbelievable! she is so healthy & such a good role model.
i loved what she said at the EFF launch in sydney when asked about it & she said how the media is comparing her now as a 24yro to her as a 19yo & how of course her body is going to change because she's become a woman & she's sure it'll change again by the time she's 30! i completely agree.. i know my body has change d a lot in the last three years from 18-21!

i went shopping the other day & totally saw your zimmerman dress :) have you bought yours yet?
i have to say though i was really annoyed because i tried on a gorgeous zimmerman dress in a size 2 that slipped off so than i tried it in the 1 but it was too small that i was busting out of it! where is the midway? & then i tried on a different style in 1 & it fit perfectly if not a little big, & then another style in 0 & it was waaaay too big. how can they have so much variation within their sizing??x

(sorry that was like an essay!)

chloe-kiara. said...

dani - completely agree with you, it's such a joke and the media portraying this awful body image are really to blame in this situation.

alannah - you actually just reminded me that she said that, and i completely love it too. she's just normal! you're supposed to change as you age and personally i think she's ageing beautifully. on the other note, i got my zimmermann dress in the post awhile ago! haha it fit fine thank goodness. but that's so disappointing about the sizing! i was actually quite worried i would have the same problem because i have a thin waist but have a reasonable bust, luckily it was okay but that's such a bummer for you, i can't stand it when places have such huge size variations! i guess it's all to do with the cut but surely it can't be that different? xxx