Saturday, March 24, 2012


harper and harley

i legitimately almost died when i saw this (okay not entirely true, but you get me..) 
how amazing is sara from harper and harley? when it comes to blogging, there's so much inspiration out there, but i credit hannah from capture the castle, sara from harper and harley and jess from tuula as the reasons i started my own blog. to be able to create something even remotely similar to the incredible posts those three girls produce would be amazing!
but back to these photos.. sara wanted to show how important accessories can be in changing the feel and look of an outfit. so she wore an amazing zara outfit, and styled them up with benah accessories. personally, i think you can never go wrong with ANYTHING from benah so this was always going to be an amazing project. i need a set of those limits cuffs in my life, stat.


xiaohan said...

Sara is so so gorgeous, she's simply flawless every single time I see her! Love.

Jade said...

Agreed! She is so amazing and has a way of making simple pieces into a fabulous outfit xx

hannah-rose said...

shlo my dear, you're such a sweetheart. you definitely need some limits cuffs and a nico bag for sure!!


ps. if we ever do another sample sale i'll let you know :)

il était une fois... said...

heart her! X

Sophia said...

Sara is a doll, love her! And so incredibly nice. I agree - Benah will cost me and the bank a lot of moolah, but so worth it.