Saturday, March 31, 2012

black feet.

I'm a handbag kinda girl. When I walk into a store, I always gravitate towards the handbags - shoulder bags, clutches, wallets, overnighter's... whatever it is, I'll take one of everything. But lately (and maybe it's since I found hamilton, my michael kors bag which is perfection) I've been thinking about just how much of an impact shoes can make on an outfit. I've been scouring Tony Bianco & Wanted Shoes, two of my absolute favourite shoe suppliers, and have found myself coming back to these four favourites.
1. 'Pia' Tony Bianco Knee High Boot - I had the most perfect imitation suede knee high boots last season and wore them to death - they are honestly ruined because I loved them so much. So when I saw these babies in Wanted the other day, I fell in love. They aren't leather and they aren't suede.. they're smack bang in the middle. As the girl I spoke with from Tony Bianco put it, it's like suede without the 'furriness', and personally I love it. Normally I wouldn't go for a shoe with such a hefty price tag, but considering how much I wore my old boots last season, I see these as a solid investment.
2. 'Cad' Boston Babe Metallic Ballet Flat - Aren't these beautiful? Black leather with a metallic gold touch.. I can see these adding instant glam to a drab uni outfit.
3. 'Devons' Tony Bianco Ankle Boot - My alternative to the ACNE pistons.. they just seem to sit right on my legs. Just the right amount of heel, and I like the strap detail around the ankle.
4. 'Karissa' Tony Bianco Heel - If you haven't seen these on the blogosphere you must be living under a rock - they're a favourite of Jess from Tuula, Sara from Harper & Harley and Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage. I can understand why, with the simple straps and classic shape. Heads up for us poor Sydney-siders who don't have any TB concept stores - these will be making their way into Wanted Shoes in April, so for anyone like me who is between sizes, you'll be able to try them on! Woo!


Erin Z said...

Love the metal cap toe flats! They'll definitely add something to an outfit.

Rebecca Cleaver said...

love the ankle booties!

xx Rebecca

hannah-rose said...

Yeah the Karissa is kind of incredible.. I've heard that it's also super comfortable too which you can't say about the Zara equivalent, I forgot it's name, but the one from zara I have heard described as "hell on heels" haha..

and re: pistols.. there's an even better rip off than the tony bianco pair at Wittner, my friend has them, it has the long zip and everything!


fickle sense said...