Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hawaii; my new baby

i would like to introduce you to my newest baby, hamilton! his daddy was michael kors, and my maternal side has definitely kicked in and is nurturing him like you would not believe, my friend. seriously though, this bag is the bees knees. i bought it at the michael kors outlet in hawaii and when i saw it i knew i had to have it. my boyfriend nearly died when he saw the price (HOW CAN YOU SPEND THAT MUCH ON A BAG?! boys just don't get it, huh) but it was actually a bargain for such a gorgeous bag and i got a discount too. i'm definitely a black and gold kinda girl, i love myself a big bag and i love lots of compartments. hamilton ticks all the boxes - beautiful black leather with chunky gold accents, the optional longer shoulder strap which makes it perfect for uni, a zip compartment in the middle and lots of pockets on the inside. alongside hamilton is his little baby sister, the jet set continental wallet. i'm not sure about you, but more often that not i get the urge to just leave my bag at home and take my wallet and phone with me. it's my reckless side (what can i say, i'm such a rebel) and therefore, i think it's of vital importance to have a wallet that is just as beautiful as a bag.

so it makes perfect sense that i got the matching wallet, right? i thought so too.

note: never, ever did i think i would be the girl that referred to her bag like it was a person. but when you spend a lot of money on a bag, and it's pretty and it has a style name which can be passed off as a real name, some weird voodoo shiz happens and you end up this new person. apologies.


Stephanie Lin said...

The bag is beautiful! Definitely worth the investment!

Izzy said...

HAHA you're so funny. If I spent a LOT of money on a new bag I would totally have a very close connection to it too. Kind of like having a baby and investing a lot of time into nurturing it before giving birth right? Sort of...the bag is gorgeous indeed. it looks so much more complete with the matching wallet! hahaha good job <3


Stace said...

So gorgeous!!! Hopefully one day I can afford something pretty like that.

x x Stace

Estelle said...

Love this post! I've been eyeing the Michael kors Hamilton satchel too! Can't wait to get mine xx


hannah-rose said...

probably our number 1 MK seller at david jones - this is such a good bag! It sounds like you got it for a steal, and the wallet is of course necessary. Let's catch up friend! FB me when you're free!


Spoonful Of Diamonds said...

that bag and wallet are gorgeous classics



M said...

uaaaah! i love your new babies<3

Fashion Blends said...

Gosh I know what you mean - I love bags too. You will defi enjoy these.

Hey I would love for you to check my blog out


michelle said...

aww hamilton is gorgeous. it's great you got a discount, and a great deal. I find I always feel guilty with a full purchase especially a bag! but when it's on sale I'm reassured.

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