Saturday, April 7, 2012

hoppy easter!

Leaving you with two things I love about easter.. 
Cadbury milk chocolate, cadbury caramello & lindt chocolate mini eggs _ top three absolute favourites.
And my beautiful baby bunny Johnson, who I miss terribly. I still remember every detail from the day we met...  I was ten, and my brother and I went out to find our easter eggs in the backyard. To our surprise, not only did we find our usual rainbow scattered eggs, but two baby bunnies hopping around amongst them. I think that was the only easter I didn't spend scoffing down my chocolate, but rather sitting in the backyard for about 4 hours straight stroking the softest ears imaginable, being amazed by how fast he could move his little nose and spoiling him with carrots galore. Miss my little bunny like crazy, especially at easter time, but I know he's having a hopping good time in bunny heaven, jumping around in fresh soft grass and eating all the carrots and celery he could possibly dream of.
Have a safe & happy easter! Will be posting some pictures of what I get up to tomorrow in the evening..

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Jade said...

"Hoppy" Easter! Love it haha. Mmm I wish I'd gotten so Lindt chocolates now that I've seen these pics. Hope you're having a great Easter x