Monday, April 9, 2012


my mumma bought me the trilogy... the week before i have two assignments due. love her, but god help me. i'd already read book one, and book two is too amazing to put down!

legit, this boy in front of me at my lecture was wearing a headband. i know that taking a photo was mad stalkerish, but i knew no one would believe me unless i took one. what the? hipster central @ UTS.

beautiful lilies from a beautiful boy.

my dad's amazing prawn, cucumber & aioli rolls for dinner.

favourite things... dahlia's, tea in my pooh bear cup and caramel tarts.

mumma went to brisbane for 4 days... stuck in a house with 2 boys. woo!

off to easter celebrations! wearing my new seafolly cardi & chloe solid perfume necklace.

honestly, she is the CUTEST THING EVER. you can't see me!

easter haul... big creme eggs, mini creme eggs, caramello eggs and cadbury eggs. FAVOURITES!

been instagramming my little heart out..
follow me for foodporn and impulse shopping purchases @chloekiara
hope you all had a chocolate filled easter with friends and family!

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