Sunday, October 9, 2011

birthday suit

just jared

i'm turning 21 in december (soooooooooooo excited, i'm a birthday freak) and therefore it has been something i've been planning for years. seriously.... years. my theme has been set in stone since year seven. i'm having a toga party, complete with luscious green vines twirling around pylons and balustrades & gold sparkly ornaments accompanied by my favourite moscato and delicious greek tapas. but my biggest dilemma has been what i would actually wear. i was most certainly not going to be wearing a sheet for my own 21st, it would be disastrous, and henceforth have been on the search for the perfect toga-esque dress to wear. AND I'VE FOUND IT! welcome to my life, zimmermann. oh how i love you. and miranda kerr pulls it off effortlessly in the above photos. yes, it's pricey, but it's my 21st birthday and it's a dress which i absolutely, head over heels, completely and utterly love (ask my boyfriend, toga drapeyness is my everyday wear anyway) so therefore i feel it is most certainly worth the investment.

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Rich Girls. said...

it's definately THE perfect choice.
it looks immaculate - the material, the style, everything.
yay for finding the perfect dress already! x.