Friday, October 14, 2011


so i posted about this dress a little while ago being my ideal amazing 21st birthday dress. and so today i headed into zimmermann to collect it, and almost burst out crying when they said it is sold out everywhere. like there is literally nothing left in a size 0 in the white. my oh my, i am so upset. so therefore i'm putting the call out to my bloggers, because i know you're all amazing and have some crazy contacts... if you know of any possible way that i could get my hands on this dress, please let me know. i'm so desperate! help! i've scoured ebay and online but i can't find anything. gaaaah!


alannah. said...

:( that is very disappointing. what other colours does it come in? would you be willing to eventually go for any of the other colours if you can't come across the white?x

chloe-kiara. said...

okay, so it comes in lemon, black, dark blush & spearmint. out of all the colours, i like the spearmint best against my olive skin tone and dark hair, but the dilemma is whether i want to be the birthday girl in the bright coloured dress amongst all the white, or to join in the white fun with everyone. i'll link you the spearmint so i can get your opinion! xx

alannah. said...

I think the spearmint is a beautiful colour & before I even read that you have olive skin I was going to ask if you were tan because there's no way you can go wrong with spearmint x tan so you would definitely look amazing in it. I think you would look really striking & pretty in photos with others as you would really stand out amongst a sea of white. It kind of reminds me, whilst completely different to your situation, when my friday had a friday the thirteenth party & so everyone wore something really dark & scary but she wore an angels costume & she really stood out because she was in stark contrast to everyone else!
I think the green would also be slightly more versatile, I have a thing with wearing white & hardly ever wear it for fear of getting it dirty heaps easily (but thats just me haha!).x

alannah. said...

another option.. maybe go to a dressmaker & get it custom made? i'm sure it wouldn't be hard for them to go off pictures & if there's anything extra/less you wanted they could factor that in?x

chloe-kiara. said...

i did think about the dressmaker thing, but i just wasn't sure if i was prepared to take the risk and it not turning out the way i want it to be! but i totally agree with you about the spearmint.
at the moment, i'm thinking this is my plan (spurred on by my best friend with a brain wave):
buy the white in a size bigger (i tried it on in a size bigger and it's not too bad, just a little looser around the corset top) and see if it can be altered. if it can't be altered, i'm going to exchange it for the spearmint. what do you think? xx

alannah. said...

i like your plan! it depends where abouts its looser as to whether its easy enough for the dressmaker to take it but otherwise that sounds like a good idea! ive had quite a few formal-ish dresses taken in by dressmakers!
i cannot stand it when i see girls, particularly at their formals, wearing ill fitting dresses that all that needed doing was a visit to a dressmaker to make some tiny adjustments! drives me mad. makes succccch a difference in the final look! anyway thats my rant!
goodluck with it all & keep me in the know with what you decide :) x

Lori said...

aww sorry to hear that, hope you find the dress!

...look closer

I V Y said...

AH THAT SUCKS SO MUCH! hate it when your favourite piece is sold out :(

looks great on miranda! :(

xo zebra and meerkat