Thursday, October 27, 2011

skin food

this is essentially part two of my favourites post below, but i wanted to dedicate it to weleda. they are such an amazing brand which has basically been a life saver to my skin. i've used lots of their products, but these two are my all time favourites and they deserve a post of their own. weleda use beautiful, natural products, which smell fantastic and feel so luxe. they pretty much have something for everyone, which includes me with my horrifically sensitive, ezcema suffering skin. i can't use anything which has chemicals/additives, and nothing with lavender (which is in a crap load of products these days). but weleda has always saved the day for me, so i wanted to share them with you!
wild rose body lotion - this lotion is incredible. i use it all over my body (but my legs in particular as they are dry as hell and occasionally look like i'm made from scales) and it's insanely lightweight. it feels like it's disappeared as soon as i lather it on my legs, but it makes my skin soft and supple and has this completely natural rose fragrance which smells divine. it's never irritated my eczema and i can't go a day without it, especially in summer.
skin food - now this product has pretty much changed me forever. it's completely different to the wild rose body lotion, but in all the right ways. it's a beautifully rich cream which is made for particularly dry, rough skin. it's made my elbows, knees & feet super super soft, and it's great to use on my face each night before i go to bed in summer. after long days in the sun, i wake up with my skin feeling refreshed and soft, despite having a little too much sun every now and then. it's great to use on particularly dry spots, and i find it works best when you lather it on after a shower, preferably before bed, as it soaks in overnight and feels wonderful in the morning.
i highly recommend you check out the weleda products. they're so beautiful & worth every cent to make you and your skin feel fabulous.

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